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  1. Judd, hey Man, it's stu. Look, I paid a lot of money for the Stacker you sold me and I need the title. It's been nearly a year now and I dont really care to hear anymore stories about it. I just need the title. I'd like to keep it all friendly - but that is up to you at this point

  2. great tri tip i had to eat 2 just standin there!!!
  3. we will be there with friends on wed sounds like its gonna be a great week
  4. they pushed it out he still has all the keys!! they seemed to know what they wanted because this rhino was parked right next to a 08 RZR that was in the Bakersfield rhino booth on vender row with the key in it. the rhino was only taken out 1 time all week and that was last night to comp hill and for maybe 1 hour or so up comp hill a few times and then parked to watch all the crazys... so it must have been scoped out at vender row....
  5. i will get some more pics up soon as i down load them from the weekend
  6. custom rhino says SUPERTINO on both sides of the rhino DFR longtravel the cage is candy blue with points front and back and bumper is pointed also we were camped by bathroom 6 any info please call 6613317963 this was the owner of bakersfield rhino motorsports personal rhino it was parked at venders row most of the weekend and was stolen from camp saturday night or early this morning by bathroom 6 he only took it out sat night to the hill it was going up and down comp and has LED rear tail light bar going across the lower part of the tail gate.... any help would be great!!!!!
  7. Just wanted to post this for my buddy here are a few pics he also had a spot at venders row!!!! BAKERSFIELD RHINO MOTORSPORTS he only took it out sat night to the hill went up and down comp a few times and then parked it.... any help would be GREAT!!!!!!! please call 6613317963
  8. Just heard that Bakersfield Rhino Motorsports will be out in full force with a full shop of parts and accesseries. i have delt with these guys and they are top notch and are literaly bringing the whole shop full of parts, cages, seats, spindels, tierods, longtravel, billet acces, tires wheels. they said they will install all on site. i was just there gettin stuff for my prowler and saw everything there bringing tons of stuff... anyone know of any other Venders that are gonna be out there that are not the normal ones???? im not afiliated with them just a happy customer!!
  9. talk to poundsound on glamisdunes.com he is a susp guru he is the one that u would need to talk to i will try to find his # for you...
  10. we plan on being there with a few friends!!!!!!!!!
  11. just curious if you have to have a permit to sell at dumont if so how do you go about gettin one. i have a buddy that wants to bring out his shop parts, clothing, tires, wheels, all kinds of stuff for T-day thanks in advance!!!
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