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tyler fgp boys

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    2003 crf 450
    2004 400ex (girlfriends bike)
    1999 dutchman pop up camper
    2003 dodge cummins
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    diesel mechanic
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    hanging at the dunes with my lady family and friends.
    off road racing. diesel trucks
  1. I'm currently running the stock automatic transmission. I want to either build this transmision or do a allison transmission swap. But money isn't easy lol. I was wondering what would be cheaper. And what should I go with for the most bang for the buck.
  2. That was my buddy pulling another buddy's rail. Broke the spindle off
  3. I rolled in early Saturday morning. Set up the trailer. By the time we were done everyone was ready to go on the first buggy ride of the day. So we hopped in and rolled out. Had a couple of close calls. People really don't look before cresting a dune. We had to bail out if line because two motorcycles decided they had the right away over 6 fast rails. The first break down was my dads rail. The tranny seal popped out and leaked all the tranny fluid out. So I hit vendors got some red seal and some tranny fluid and had him back up and running. Cruised back to camp enjoyed some lunch. Then back out for another rail ride. This time made it almost to comp and another buddy broke his spindle. Had to go get the truck and trailer to the back side of the dunes to get him out. After all that. Its now dark out. So me and my dad decided let's run comp once and head back to camp. We ran out of gas half way back down the hill. I guess we shoulda just went back! Lol after all the headaches during the day. We did a night perimeter run. I drove my dads rail with my girlfriend. I gotta say opening it up around the dunes is pretty fun if you ask me. We hit comp. it was dead. Sunday me and my girlfriend woke up and fires up my bike and her quad headed over to the hill. Got harassed by the ranger. My sticker wasn't in the right spot according to him. I didn't know there was a right spot. After that said and done we went for a fun ride on the back side of comp. went back go camp started to load up. Then we had to go rescue my buddy johns daughters rm she seized the piston on the back side of banshee hill. Got it back to camp and returned to load up the rest of my stuff and hit the road home. Overall I had a blast this weekend.
  4. Getting ready to head out now. I will be camping by bathroom 9
  5. Anyone know of a good Dyno shop in Vegas? We want to get our rail dynoed before new years. Any suggestions?
  6. I'll be heading out early Friday morning and staying till mid afternoon Sunday. The rest of my camp will be there till Monday.
  7. I have 4 used BFG all terrains Size is LT 315/70R17 Load range D I'm posting from my phone and can not upload pics. I'm located in las Vegas. Call or text me 702-493-7619 I'm available anytime thanks Tyler
  8. Thanks. What in your opinion is the best exhaust for the money? Like give you the most noticeable change?
  9. My girlfriend has a 400ex. I want to get a little more out of the motor. What would be the best mods to do? We mainly ride in the sand so I want to do something that will keep it reliable but still wake up the motor. Advice anyone?
  10. Me and my lady are heading out friday afternoon! Pretty stoked for this trip!
  11. I can't figure out how to put pics on here from my phone lol
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