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  1. That was cut down from about 3 hours... Thanks dunefreak for fixing the embed.
  2. sorry about using the same music as last time, hope yall like the video link if you cant see the embed......https://youtu.be/4zro6H0psOg
  3. Might be missing this one, my buddies and I are starting to form a 24 hour of lemons race team. Probably be busy working on our plan. If not I'll day trip it.
  4. Nice thing about my crew cab cummins, lots of room.
  5. Great weekend out at the dunes. Found camp with my neighbor and his crew, very nice people. Friday was windy and I did not ever set up my tent, slept in my truck. Saturday was beautiful, got a couple good runs in, towed a few broken vehicles back to various camps, tried to help those in need as I've been there myself.
  6. I slept in my truck Friday night, but about 9 pm the wind mostly stopped, got warm today if you weren't in the shade.
  7. On my way out now. Almost to Tecopa turn off. Haven't been able to make contact with Dave Silverman, might be trying to join a camp. Any takers?
  8. Gotta start the thread some time. I hope I can make it. Not 100% though.
  9. Anyone know of BLM emergency radio frequencies? Something to radio them in case of emergency in the dunes, I use a rugged radios rh-5r and can program in extras.
  10. Link for those who can't see it
  11. Well. My girl wasn't a huge fan of the dunes this last Friday, hope I can get her to try it again some time... Anyway, I'm thinking I'll make a solo trip Friday, anyone mind if I park at their camp? Let me know. Thanks
  12. It's embedded YouTube. Should show up. I see it on my phone and computer. Let me know if it's not working for anyone else.
  13. video from the dunes, ill play with camera mounting more the next trip...
  14. I ended up going through baker today. There were clean up crews working towards Dumont from baker, there was plenty of traffic coming from the direction to Tecopa though. I'm betting it's OK now.
  15. The road in was about 95% good. When I got there about 11am today the crossing was still very bumpy. Upon leaving the dozer operator was doing his best to get the crossing leveled out.
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