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  1. on the VW parts, this is what we seem to drive all the way to doghouse for every year. Belts, Pulley, Shims for pulley, the little half moon lock for the pulley. Fuel Pump (Halloween someone was looking for a fuel pump) FRAM HP1 oil filters, Oil, Cap and Rotor and valve cover gaskets. really that's about it!
  2. Looking forward to meeting you! We just fired up our sand rail last night after all the repairs, so it's going to be a great Thanksgiving weekend!
  3. Yup, can't pout or whine, just gotta fix it and move on! With the new rev limiter it should help save me money next trip! LOL
  4. Fastony, your welcome to join us and our group! Bummer for anyone who can't make it out on such a great weekend! And we will be at Vender row for sure. Need venders who sell VW Parts! LOL While Doghouse saved us last trip, we were lucky he had parts in stock as they are not stocking parts anymore, so we will have to find another source in Vegas or somewhere to get these must need parts UGH! Last trip we did major damage to our engine, we floated our valves, dented a piston, cracked our head between the intake and exhaust, Valve seat came out, Lost a valve lash cap, rotor broke, cap cracked and lost our entire pulley system for our alternator and we forgot to put our gas cap on and lost it! We bought brand new heads, brand new pistons and barrels, plugs, cap, rev limiter rotor (so we don't do this again), New lash caps, and everything else to put it back together for Thanksgiving! including all the performance machining for porting and polishing the heads etc.. We have everything back together and just found our rocker assembly is broke on one side, so we are on our way to replace those. total 1800.00 in engine damage, the experience, Priceless! it was the most fun we were having when all the damage occurred! Can't wait for Thanksgiving!
  5. We will be at Dumont for Thanksgiving with a group of friends. we will be pulling in late Tuesday night or really early Wednesday morning! Hopefully it will be as fun as Halloween! We will be doing Turkey, Ham and Chili and playing loud music and drinking when we are done duning for the night!!! We will have both of our sand rails with us, so if you see either rail, say HI! If anyone would like to join us, we plan to camp near Bathroom 10 Here are some photos of our trailers and rails if you want to look for us. Enjoy and happy duning! Tom and Bunny
  6. Came back from Comp Hill friday night to grab my gopro to video all the rows of cars, realized I had not put any gas in my car so I added a quick few gallons and took off! If you guessed I left my gas cap off you are correct, I drove all friday night with no gas cap and worse, I got stuck in the sand and trying to get out I threw a wall of sand over my entire car not once, not twice but three times! So I didn't notice the gas cap was missing until after we got home, so now I am going to drain my tank and see how much sand is in there. UGH!
  7. Thank you Mhale00 for allowing us to join your camp this past weekend for Halloween! We had a great time meeting all of your friends and while we broke our car, it's getting fixed as we speak. we thought it was a simple problem but we ended up floating our valves and have a huge crack in our intake port and a nice dent in my piston. We were able to locate a brand new set of heads and the machine shop is porting and polishing them as we speak and we have all the other parts needed to put the engine back together. the only difference is that I am going to install a rev limiter to keep my lead foot from doing it again! $1500.00 in damage plus what we spent at Doghouse on Friday. We will be out there on Thanksgiving doing it all over again
  8. Ok, so we had our AT&T Phones and has NO service at our camp (we didn't try them anywhere else except on the road in and to our camp by bathroom 9. Our verizon phone worked perfect. our hotspot was wicked FAST for my laptop, we were getting 15mb download and 5mb upload.
  9. The wind was blowing so hard Friday night around midnight or 1am that it was white out conditions. with our lights we couldn't see 5 feet in front of us at times! BUT We were there duning!
  10. We are heading out in 10 hours! Thanks for the update!
  11. The data goes off your phone, so whatever your phone has. our son in law has 8 gb a month so we will be using his data.
  12. Thank you to those who replied and those who send us messages. we will be invading Mhale00's camp as they will be there the same time we will be there. we look forward to spending Halloween in the sand and we are bringing lots of Candy! if you see us or our rail, introduce yourselves! Tom and Bunny
  13. Bestbuy has a verizon ellipsis 7 tablet, if you have a verizon phone this tablet will act as a hot spot for your other wifi devices, if you add it to your plan or you create a new plan the tablet is only 4.09 as all you pay is the tax. we added the tablet to our daughters verizon account so we can now have internet on our other tablets and our laptop while we are in the dunes. don't know when the sale ends but if someone wanted a cheap hot spot, this is the way to go. we looked at the verizon hot spot by it's self and that would have been 50.00 a month where this is only 10.00 a month as an additional line on your existing verizon account.
  14. Phone is for emergency for the most part, so we went out and bought a month by month plan verizon phone but we paid more for an upgraded phone. has unlimited talk and text and 500mb data for $45.00 a month, we will only be using it during dune season.
  15. Our insurance through AAA here in southern california is $785.00 a year. not sure on the actual policy but we have it at 25,000 replacement and the max on everything as we do all of our cars and trucks. they did require us to take the rail to them and they took all the photos as well. pretty expensive for 4 ride weekend a year but the knowing we are covered makes it worth it.
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