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    2019 Razor Turbo S
    2009 Short Sand Car Turbo'd
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  1. Yes it is. Sorry for the late response I didnt get a notification.
  2. Found it Thanks dont know why it dropped but fixed now. Nice Catch!
  3. Sorry copy got carried away. I dont see a edit option?
  4. It was there.Dont know what happened? Activity My Sand Toys Albums Write a public message on your own feed... Hatter started following Short Sand Car For Sale September 3 Short Sand Car For Sale Hatter posted a topic in Sandrails for sale L
  5. Short Sand Car For Sale 19000.00OBO Last year Scott Horner of Heads up Performance Built the following: Engine/Transmission/Turbo and Fuel Rail with injectors flow tested and repaired. Dyno test show the motor is now about 300hp at the wheel with only 7lbs of Boost. Engine can go to 20+lbs Boost. Engine has been Studded. Programmed so you can change out the spring on the Boost controller to whatever you want to go and the engine is programmed to adjust for the added Boost by Scott adding a O2 analyzer. Scott also rewired the whole car. Suspension is handled by Fox shocks 21"in the f
  6. Yep Polaris Razor Thanks ill look into Sparks.
  7. Any Ideas on where to get my 2012 Razor rebuilt? Clausons says I lost a crank bearing and thats the reason I blew a hole in the piston. If they are right I'd like to rebuild it with a little more power. Anyone with any ideas on where to take it? Im in Fresno area.
  8. Cant get Pic's to open? Still have it?
  9. I have 3 of these cans the spout has lasted less than a year. The o rings fail and you cant buy just the o rings you have to buy a Kit that cost 5 dollars less than the jugs with the spout!
  10. Look for a bike builder in your town I think his shops name was Daves? By the rail road tracks. Its been a while since I visited with him. He works on all the Rockets. I have the Busa motor in my rail and he helped when I first got mine 3yrs back.
  11. Hatter

    My Toy

    My Short Sand Car. Ive had it about 2yrs. Just getting it back on the road lost the Jeffco/reverse. Shawn was Great to work with really helped me a lot over the phone! Now to test it out!
  12. Thanks going to Dumont for Thanksgiving maybe see some of you there?
  13. Cars in Fresno. Its still for sale. Sorry dont need to trade for anything. selling out to retire. Just lost the Reverse its being rebuilt right now. Lost small things like the fuel pump and battery and they have been replaced. CV joints have just been replaced. Once reverse is back she should be solid for another few years.
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