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    2019 Razor Turbo S
    2009 Short Sand Car Turbo'd
    2002 F250
    2002 Bombardier
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  1. Yep Polaris Razor Thanks ill look into Sparks.
  2. Sparks work on Razors?
  3. Any Ideas on where to get my 2012 Razor rebuilt? Clausons says I lost a crank bearing and thats the reason I blew a hole in the piston. If they are right I'd like to rebuild it with a little more power. Anyone with any ideas on where to take it? Im in Fresno area.
  4. I have 3 of these cans the spout has lasted less than a year. The o rings fail and you cant buy just the o rings you have to buy a Kit that cost 5 dollars less than the jugs with the spout!
  5. Look for a bike builder in your town I think his shops name was Daves? By the rail road tracks. Its been a while since I visited with him. He works on all the Rockets. I have the Busa motor in my rail and he helped when I first got mine 3yrs back.
  6. Hatter

    My Toy

    My Short Sand Car. Ive had it about 2yrs. Just getting it back on the road lost the Jeffco/reverse. Shawn was Great to work with really helped me a lot over the phone! Now to test it out!
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