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  1. Do people trick or treat from campsite to campsite? Just curious want my kids to have a blast and I bought bags and bags of candy!
  2. Thank you that is what I was looking for.
  3. Was wondering if there was any place that sells wood near dumont? There was a guy in baker last season.. Wondering if he is still there this season.
  4. This will be our first time for halloween. Kids are excited wife is ok with it as it is our anniversary as well. Do we bring our blow ups and lights and decorate? Trick or treating?
  5. Thanks @dunefreak we have some friends heading that way today. I will be roiling with the family tomorrow for some recreating and social distancing.
  6. Just read they are shutting down glamis on gecko and Osborne. How is dumont looking?
  7. where was this at? i got 20 gal now but i may want to see how far it may be if we dune that much.
  8. I am coming form san jose and I wanted to know if there is any place near the dunes where I can buy race gas? minimum 100 octane
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