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  1. Any update on the cellular tower?
  2. Duners, I'm running a 5.7l ls1 & Mendeola 2D, I exclusively run at Dumont & would appreciate knowing your gear ratios with the same set up. Thank you, Rick
  3. Does anybody in the group have AN fittings? Working on power steering hose
  4. bp-guy, Sandy looks like she/he needed help and I'm sure you did!
  5. We are rolling in with one rig (guys trip), Motorhome with enclosed buggy trailer; should be there about 5:00 pm. Can't wait to meet you guys and have fun out there in the sand!!!
  6. Long time duner and friends of this site as well as Dumont dunes, first time wanting to hook up and go for a ride. We usually try and find a good spot along the finger near restroom 6 as sometimes we have kids with us and are still learning to ride. This trip we a 40 ft. Motorhome with a rail trailer and a Truck with a 35 ft. travel trailer and have two 450r quads, Honda & Suzuki as well as a Ls2 powered Monster Sand Limo and well versed at keeping it safe and sane. How would we find the group and at what time does the group have rides and where do they generate from (South Pole)? We'll be out this weekend as well if anyone would like to hook up with us. Thank you, Rick Burnett
  7. Requesting some information on when the engine, cv's & transmission were gone through. Also, I understand the driver seat slides but what size person was this car built for. Thank you, Rick P.S. Do you like Eliminator boats?
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