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    2004 AG Next Generation LS6 w/Mendi
    2012 Sandlimo V-6 3.2 type S, couple quads dodge charger,chevy silverado, 21' Bayliner
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    Underground Natural Gas
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    Street bikes,dirt bikes,shooting,Bmx racing,hunting,heavy equipment,snowboarding basically anything adrenaline drive that I can probably do something crazy on.

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  1. HawaiianstyleLV

    6th Annual Buggy Roundup

    I really hope I can make it this year and with the new car would be fun
  2. HawaiianstyleLV

    Sept Dune Pic of the Month

    I really need to download pics from my good camera
  3. HawaiianstyleLV

    Sept Dune Pic of the Month

  4. HawaiianstyleLV

    [SOLD] Sand paddles 33-17 10.50-17

  5. HawaiianstyleLV

    [SOLD] Sand paddles 33-17 10.50-17

    Have a set of tires they’re STU’s sand blaster ll 33-17 and 10.50-17’s dates are in the pics no plugs or patches little chips out of rear paddles here and there. Looking for $500 7025563666 I’m in Vegas
  6. HawaiianstyleLV

    What's new for you next season?

    Putting on new sheet metal intake got some powder coating on the new wheels and intake taking to Alper’s tomorrow who know what else I may do. Added the car to car finally, getting the Vegas Strong wrap done soon and adding a skid plate to cover my harmonic balancer so when it looks to the sky I won’t mess up the balancer and break another belt again
  7. HawaiianstyleLV

    Halloween 2018

    Counting days, counting dollars going out. Worth every bit of it
  8. HawaiianstyleLV


    Well I bought a new boat and getting ready to start tear down finally on the car
  9. HawaiianstyleLV

    Bank transfers and transportation

    Hey ddr so my old car is back on the market had a buddy supposed to buy but fell through anyway has anyone delt with bank transfers and transportation to another state have a guy up in Montana of course car doesn’t move till money is cleared but just looking on some insight I guess.
  10. HawaiianstyleLV

    Cleanup weekend 2018

    We wish we could be out there to much going on unfortunately my season closer will be armagosa just taking my brother since he’s never been on a actual car
  11. HawaiianstyleLV

    March Dune Pic of the Month

    Last run and last pic at Dumont this season.
  12. HawaiianstyleLV

    President's Day weekend 2018 highlights

    First night was good until about 10pm when I was showing a buddy where camp was and decided to lift it and it went a little high so I broke a belt and messed up my harmonic balancer then Saturday had a lot of fun watching the hill climbs then we went on to get some duning in and buddy was getting used to his car and broke the radiator mount so we decided to take a breakthen we got back to camp and kids learned to start the quad by themselves (bad battery) needs to jump everytime lolthen the big bad W came we took a quick ride at night and I forgot how hot a turbo can get Sunday we stayed in all day Monday we took one last ride and closed it off nicely
  13. HawaiianstyleLV

    Flange Seal

    Well found the problem cv bolts were hitting the seal guess I’m gonna need some spacers unless the make 2” bolts for them
  14. HawaiianstyleLV

    Flange Seal

    this is the one right behind the side plate might be called a different seal wasn’t sure
  15. HawaiianstyleLV

    Flange Seal

    Ok so up in sand hollow this weekend and pretty sure my final drive flange seal went out haven’t torn one of these trans apart before is it pretty easy and where is best place to buy