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  1. Good looking aerial shot my car didn’t even make that lol because it was off to the left with a broken axle but a huge thanks to Jason Alper, Craig and Dan. Dan for pointing me in the right direction for an axle Craig for the axle and Alper for the fuel AN adapter had a blast like we do every year even with the car breaking
  2. 2004 AG Sand Car 40K OBO MOTOR: Turnkey LS6 with top street performance sheet metal intake. New Aeromotive A750 with Aeromotive pre and post filters. Newer C&R radiator with spal 19” fans. TRANS: Freshly rebuilt with 1 trip Mendeola 2D H pattern with a Fortin shifter freshly rebuilt by Fortin with reverse lockout. 930 CV’s with counter sunk zerts for easy greasing. I believe it has gear one hubs and spindles. New 9” six puck clutch with a stage 3 pressure plate new throw-out bearing resurfaced flywheel. BRAKES: Large front and rear disc brakes. 2.5” Howe power steering system with a 6.5” pulley. INTERIOR: Beard seats through whole car front two do have sliders. 3” crows in the front and new 2” crows in the rear. PCI intercom system with icom car to car only two headsets (didn’t want to listen to the kids lol). SUSPENSION: 2.5” Fox around car. Front 2.5”x10” with piggybacks Rears 2.5”x12” coils with remote reservoirs and 2.5”x12” triple bypasses with reservoirs . All recently rebuilt. TIRES: Sand and dirt tires. Sand paddles are STU 10.50x17 fronts on DWT and 35x15 Xtreme Revolution #2 on BTR rears all Beadlocks. Dirt are toyo open country 35”x12.50R15 BODY: original color is painted white car is almost full body has windshield with roof car currently has a custom wrap. Wrap is of course VegasStrong and it is in good condition. The car has been great to me but it’s time to go a different route. Yes it does wheelies and can keep up with the big boys. Have a lot of videos and pictures just let me know I’ll try to answer them. Have more pics and videos.
  3. @Amber Dippre cool shots and was good to talk with you guys.
  4. Got out there Friday night late woke up to some awesome weather got the car down tires switched and had some friends show up later and the car was running great then took a trip to North Pole to check it out was cool to see a nice big group hanging out over there then headed back grilled up some lunch later that night did some s’mores for the kids Sunday did an adult only ride took out some friends that have never been to Dumont. Took them up comp in the car and a ride out to South Pole where car started to act up again. Met up with Pete and some of the other guys headed back to camp and did a temporary electrical fix so I could take the all the kids we had in camp to Comp for some fun. Had a little fun back there all in all was a good trip can’t wait till presidents weekend
  5. Well be out there new cooling system and hopefully found all the electrical demons hiding
  6. We’ll be there come late Friday I believe need to get this thing out there and beat on it and have some fun doing it downfall still didn’t do my skid plate no for me yet at least standing ones
  7. I thought it happened when he rolled but guess not and the headset was still in the car wire didn’t get so lucky and sorry videos so large not sure how to shrink them
  8. So was able to make it out this year thankfully down fall I had to leave Saturday night but got some awesome runs in with a little bit of mishaps from my car constantly running hot, @dunefreak car finding the crater Dans car snapping a heim off @Dent boy rolling but walking away unharmed and only cosmetic damage to the car @Mustache Motorsports Fuse problems @ItsWeeks fan problems a cbm motor dropped valve and other small stuff. Tacos were awesome thanks to @bp-guy and Chads wife for grilling it all up. Met a lot of new people and had an all around great trip.
  9. How’s weather out there right now lotsa rain here in Vegas
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