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Was anyone out at D this weekend?


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For the record, Mr Sandman and ynot are right. The BLM doesn't care what you consider good and bad to dump. Bottom line...you are not permitted to dump. We can sit here all day arguing about what is ok and not ok for the environment. None of that matters because you are to take all your sh*t with you when you leave.


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ynot , it's VERY different and you know that. cooking oil will not harm plants, animals, or humans. where motor oil and black tanks are. fresh water isnt harmfull either. im sure there is better ways to get rid of cooking oil than burying it im sure. we handled ours differently , but im not gonna get upset about a person buring cooking oil. :dunno:

Bob, ever smelled rancid cooking oil? How would you like your son/daughter or grandkids digging in a place where someone dumped a bunch of cooking oil? Bet they would get a shower real quick! I also am an offender of burying dog poop and I have realized the error of my ways and that will not happen in my camp again. Pick it up and put it in the garbage can and take it home.

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