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  1. Where is the official DDR camp usually at? PS. Pete I am using the website
  2. That sucks, hope they find it, I shared it to help spread the word.
  3. You can opt out, just have to sign a waiver, I am not having my flashed either.
  4. Not saying that I believe him, just relaying what I was told. I know that the practice is becoming more and more common.
  5. Needed more than just one post, so here is a pic lol
  6. Just talked to Service at Ride now on Boulder, he said that part of the reason they are taking their customers first, is that Polaris allocated enough parts for them to take care of their customers that have purchased from them. They are getting more parts, but they have to take care of their customer with the parts they have on hand. I asked what is involved with the ECU re-flash and was told they part of it was a de-tune, to reduce the amount of fuel vapor in the vent line. I am opting out of that, I don't want to give up performance and since I have over 1200 miles on both of them, I have a little piece of mind that I won't have an issue with not doing the re-flash.
  7. They are just like Las Vegas RV aka Camping World and the previous owners the Wheelers, if you don't buy it there, you get bumped to last.
  8. Give them all our best, I hope for a speedy recovery!!
  9. I agree with Raspadoo, cage and belts are a must and as for the jump you have to hit it just right, with the right throttle and a newbie won't be able to. I watched the guys from the UAE hit that jump and nose pick it, ripping the front suspension off of theirs. Such a shame, I hope that there is a quick recovery.
  10. That sucks, I thought it was a great show of how human you guys are. Keep up the good work and don't let the bad apples make you like the Glamis guys.
  11. No problem Terry, at first I thought I was going to hear this story about something legit, then to find out that he had a gun out, drugs and gambling and still wanted to blame the LEO's, I could not believe that he was actually upset about getting harassed. I guess he would blame a cop if he got pulled over for speeding also.
  12. Don't have a gun (or at least in plain sight), don't gamble for money out in the open, and don't have drugs. Maybe I missed something, but this seems like you get yourself harassed vs the LEO's being the problem. I like the others above have never been harassed in Dumont and I have been going for a long time. We had one stop in our camp twice this weekend and he was very nice and very informative, we did not know him, but glad to have talked to him. I think you should visit Glamis if you think the LEO's in Dumont are bad. I don't think one person said anything about needing government involved, but it is nice to have the emergency services our there, to help get people to the hospital by ambulance or airlift. I also don't think you have clue one on the road situation, do you realize that if they don't maintain that road and keep the dust partially down, that the tree huggers try and come in to shut it down, talking about the dust that is getting on the plants due to everyone driving down that road? Evolution, the machines have become for more powerful than the days of old, people are more aggressive and pushing these machines to the limit, potentially contributing to more injuries. Because of this, it is nice to have the LEO's out there to help and no they cannot be everywhere, they are on a limited budget for the Sheriffs office, about 65k a year to operate out there. I don't always agree with everything that they do out there or how every LEO acts, but I think for the most part, they are a pretty good group. I remember a few years back, a couple LEO's tried to go have fun with the duners, bringing two of the dirt bikes to the hill and racing. What do you think that got them, nothing but grief, funny people like you want to complain about them, then when the relax and have fun with the duners people b*tch then too.
  13. How tall of a tire are you running? Taller Hauler would be a ton of tire for a trike, they are a lot taller and more rigid. If you are running a 20" tire, you could try a a 21" or 22" tire since the taller rollout would increase your top end and also provide more gap between the paddles, allowing each paddle to get more sand. You can also try just getting a 8 hauler, just keep in mind that you want some spin on the line, so that it does not bog.
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