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1450hp Blown Alcohol Dragboat Trade for 4-5 Seat Sandrail!

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Looking for Sale. Or Trade for ENCLOSED Sand car or Prerunner must be enclosed front w windshield

No vw's or trucks not interested had those!!!!! OR 1960-1972 Chevelle's , Camaro's,Nova's,GTO's etc

Will work on price!! Make offer this boat is Bad a$$ guaranteed fastest on river!!! Do you have what it takes to hang on?

1976 cole tr1 step deck

1450hp 8000RPM

Torque 5000rpm-7000rpm=950FP

Estimated by prostreet terrerists in LaHabra Spec'ed

New engine specs-chevy 468 stroker 30over

cyl bore 4.280"

-SRP Pistons 4.280bore (26 cc dome so it will be 10.5 to one on a 118 cc chamber.Heads) part number with srp is 212142 (tops

need machining)

-JE Pistons and rings

1piston and ring set(piston 212142)$94.04 (rings j100f1-4280-5)$24.26 (JE straight wall pin 990-2930-15-52s)$13

-7piston ring sets (j100f1-4280-5)$169.82

-Eagle H-Beam 6.358 connecting rods(ESP-63853DL19)$529.19

-Connecting rod bearings(Clevite Engine Parts CB743HN - Clevite H-Series Rod Bearings)$111.76

-HTD Blower pullys engine 58, blower 44 =to 31.9%overdriven

20lb Boost

-Lunati Blower cam #50207 use that number on website for spec card-Drag race camshaft mech roller Tappet, rpm 4400-8200 adv.Dur. 330int 340exh, valve lift .680int/.695Exh lobe angle 110°

-need to redo-Cam bearings Dura-Bond

(GMP-12LT)High perf Coated Bearings $91.92

-Gasket set (MRG7106) $57.97

-Main Crank Bearings H-Series(Clems829H) $104.97

Heads GM 118cc 6272990

PPB Racing 10gal fuel tank

-Pushrods-competition cams intake 7932,exhaust 7979 9.350 .080




-Crank bearing plastigaged clearance at .003 thousands

-Crank forward/back thrust gaged at

mike 805-340-5601







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