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  1. Easy, lack of corporal punishment and a sense of somehow believing they are the center of the universe and therefore inconsiderate of others. That or just dumbasses you choose (-=
  2. You guys are insensitive, she has not had a boyfriend for 6 months...
  3. The dune "finger". it will be quite evident as you are pulling in.
  4. C8, just don't get too close to the finger, it gets soft closer plus people may transition over into camp.
  5. https://www.onxmaps.com/maps/off-road/trail/california-sperry-wash
  6. I certainly hope not, though they would probably stick to the "little dunes" if they are used to Pismo. We went there once, I was done with the duning in about an hour, camping / riding on the beach was the best part
  7. Mark the spot before the battery dies. I found mine out there buried in the sand using the app. When I pinged it a girl in camp who was helping me look for it was standing over it and felt it vibrate. it was buried in a high traffic area. That app is ACCURATE.
  8. Add is a year and a half old, no way its still around...
  9. You guys do it right! the dunes through the rv window could be a pic in a RV sales brochure
  10. You should be under 50. that gives you at least 15' so buy a 12' utility / utv trailer and tow triple.
  11. RIP Fellow Duner, was reminded on the same day how fragile life is. Prayers to Bradley and everyone effected by his death. .
  12. We visited it Saturday for the first time though we have driven by it dozens of times. I too have mixed emotions about the stuff popping up at various locations. Thanks for standing up and reporting the problem with the tire swing and thanks for wrapping the flag as to not touch the ground. I noticed the swing set has a solar powered light for the flag at night, hopefully the new tire swing will have the same. Cheers!
  13. Any rain today? if so how much? Thanks
  14. "Goodbye 2020" indeed and good riddance! Few questions: Will Dumont be open New Years? Will there be trash collection, vendors and campfires allowed? Do I need a pass? Anyone seen my iPhone and or German Shepard? Cheers @dunefreak thanks for keeping us current and site up and running!
  15. He may have been tired of listening to the other music, prob a stressful weekend if car broke as well, no excuse for actions but everyone needs to relax a bit these days.. Kudos to you for not going over there and escalating things. Cheers!
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