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  1. The machines at entrance accept cc's. All three truck need passes though there shouldn't be anyone out there checking this time of year..
  2. You guys eat better camping than I do at home! Looks fun out there, thanks for sharing the pics!
  3. Stock cage, took it off when new, thought I'd offer it up for free before I cut it up. Located in Redlands, Ca.
  4. Not very bust and weather is usually good though Easter is later than usual this year. Spring is a great time, just bring some shade and know it tends to be a bit more windy at times as it heats up out there.
  5. Thanks for the follow up and nice find
  6. Wish that was the case, pic above was in june.
  7. We were just talking about how amazing it was that nobody had taken or burned it our last trip out. That's a shame... Hope someone got a pic of the person who took it. At least they will have a reminder for them and their friends what self centered pricks they are... Hopefully they are cursed Gregg Brady style...
  8. Done that ride mid weekend many times, but that guy is going to have some dirt boogers.
  9. Looks like a Racer, if so one of the best in the business. Good to hear all injuries are minor
  10. Thats a bad evening, hope everyone is OK
  11. Was rough Sun PM but awesome if they got someone out there
  12. You can adjust the valves on that motor in under 30min. Pushrods are prob chromo on that engine so just set the lifters to 0.
  13. We just got in from a trip, a bit windy at times and cold but the sand was the best I've seen in years. As much as we were trying to track it up for you guys next weekend the wind would not let us ps: prob do not need to say it but entrance road still sux... I do get a kick out of all the toy trailers flying by while the motorhomes are going slow. If you guys could hear the appliances, dishes, cupboards etc back there you might think twice about your speed
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