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  1. It amazes me every time, Ive seen many coyotes (K9 type not smugglers) out there. Congrats on the find!
  2. Sux, should be easy to find if plate / vehicle was not stolen.
  3. Sorry to hear, Don't stop looking, may even want to return when emptied out, many dogs have turned up after multiple days out there.
  4. HaHa, looking to retire, those days are over
  5. Was out last Sat till today, annual New Years trip. Place was virtually empty compared to years past. Trying to buy a pass or get info in Baker was a joke. Shell = "no passes since Halloween" General store sold us $30 passes on the 28th but only good for 2 days, then you would need to buy a holiday pass, went to kiosk at entrance on 31st and $30 got you a week.?. Great 6 days though other than a main shaft bearing starting to make noise on the 2d.
  6. Sweet! Getting any rain today? Cheers!
  7. Slippery slope asking for enforcement. Avoid the big weekends till the economy slows a bit and the bank will own most of the side by sides you refer too. I would make contact whenever possible, just keep a cool head and be ready to walk away if you cant reason with them, not worth a major confrontation. Usually you will just get an apology.
  8. Must have been dead, its Sunday evening and only 1 1st ("lost my iphone") post
  9. Definitely an off weekend guy due to squids, dust, tracked out runs (especially after dunes get some moisture) and only a few side by sides with 1000w stereos at the gathering spots instead of dozens. (-=
  10. Tell your pops to order a car while there
  11. Got the rv stuck once in dumont, little dunes... Have fun, be safe!
  12. HaHa, "Firewood from Vegas" just seems like a funny concept to me
  13. merit oli in bloomington
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