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  1. merit oli in bloomington
  2. Funny, Pete sent me a pic once of a banner at the BLM trailer in Dumont. It had a pic of me jumping my Funco,,,,,, in Glamis.
  3. Just ran across this, glad you met the goal, donated anyways. Can you PM me the domain broker info? Exact same scenario just happened to our domain name. Cheers
  4. Stock tires are fine, actually they are really nice to have if you want to explore the outskirts.
  5. Cool, pics! looks like a great escape from the heat
  6. Wright and KCR are both in Riverside and both have a positive rep, IMO if you are driving it that far Rancho is only a few miles further and worth consideration.
  7. Yep, nobody out there to assist and there is some SOFT blow sand in the summer, trust me.....
  8. The machines at entrance accept cc's. All three truck need passes though there shouldn't be anyone out there checking this time of year..
  9. You guys eat better camping than I do at home! Looks fun out there, thanks for sharing the pics!
  10. Stock cage, took it off when new, thought I'd offer it up for free before I cut it up. Located in Redlands, Ca.
  11. Not very bust and weather is usually good though Easter is later than usual this year. Spring is a great time, just bring some shade and know it tends to be a bit more windy at times as it heats up out there.
  12. Thanks for the follow up and nice find
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