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  1. Your car is a big block? The coverage described will cover an LS1 (5.7L) and an LS2 (6.0L). Foremost seems to be the one most end up with.
  2. Sounds like a great idea and good fun for the kiddos! Make sure the costumes are not too loose (sprocket / chain / rear wheel etc) Hope the turnout is creates memories for the youngsters!
  3. belongs in a playground not the dunes...
  4. Don't go, will be close to 110deg, there is some SOFT blow sand this time of year and the dunes are difficult to read especially due to the suns placement in the sky minimizing shadows. Weekend would be miserable at best for a first timer and possibly deadly.
  5. You are way too light on your price. Seen the add on gd.com and you have multiple takers over there already...
  6. Easy, lack of corporal punishment and a sense of somehow believing they are the center of the universe and therefore inconsiderate of others. That or just dumbasses you choose (-=
  7. You guys are insensitive, she has not had a boyfriend for 6 months...
  8. The dune "finger". it will be quite evident as you are pulling in.
  9. C8, just don't get too close to the finger, it gets soft closer plus people may transition over into camp.
  10. https://www.onxmaps.com/maps/off-road/trail/california-sperry-wash
  11. I certainly hope not, though they would probably stick to the "little dunes" if they are used to Pismo. We went there once, I was done with the duning in about an hour, camping / riding on the beach was the best part
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