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  1. Any rain today? if so how much? Thanks
  2. "Goodbye 2020" indeed and good riddance! Few questions: Will Dumont be open New Years? Will there be trash collection, vendors and campfires allowed? Do I need a pass? Anyone seen my iPhone and or German Shepard? Cheers @dunefreak thanks for keeping us current and site up and running!
  3. He may have been tired of listening to the other music, prob a stressful weekend if car broke as well, no excuse for actions but everyone needs to relax a bit these days.. Kudos to you for not going over there and escalating things. Cheers!
  4. weekend before, our camp, 3-4 runs a day had to change our line 2 times in 3 days due to other duners.
  5. Keep looking for her, A high percentage are found the following slower weekends when owners return to look.
  6. Keep looking for her, A high percentage are found the following slower weekends when owners return to look.
  7. Also note the kiosks at entrance were taking payments but not producing a receipt / pass this past weekend. I called BLM and had a season pass the next day, very efficient.
  8. Closed due to C-19? If so that's ridiculous, and unless they are not getting paid they should at minimum be calling / emailing people back.
  9. I'm planning to finally take a step back at work and enjoy many mid week trips. No vendors, no law and plenty of social distancing due to our to being one of the few out there (hopefully). Hope the CDC guidelines do not effect D. Cheers!
  10. Quads are a blast as long as you are there first after a wind cleans things up. I have a can-am x3rs for the kids but they still prefer their quads unless its REALLY beat up. Any of the major mfgs side by sides are good, if going 4 seat and or strictly sand I'd get something with a factory turbo. As mentioned the Yamahas are a good choice but you have to drive them like a 2 stroke and lot of guys end up modding the gearing to suite their needs.
  11. Welcome, Dumont is a Late fall to early spring destination. A summertime visit would be absolutely miserable as its is WAY too hot.
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