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  1. raspadoo

    President's Day weekend 2019

    Was rough Sun PM but awesome if they got someone out there
  2. raspadoo

    Mis-fire / dead cylinder

    You can adjust the valves on that motor in under 30min. Pushrods are prob chromo on that engine so just set the lifters to 0.
  3. raspadoo

    President's Day weekend 2019

    We just got in from a trip, a bit windy at times and cold but the sand was the best I've seen in years. As much as we were trying to track it up for you guys next weekend the wind would not let us ps: prob do not need to say it but entrance road still sux... I do get a kick out of all the toy trailers flying by while the motorhomes are going slow. If you guys could hear the appliances, dishes, cupboards etc back there you might think twice about your speed
  4. raspadoo

    Place to park in Baker

    Dirty wheels or no wheels would the the choice
  5. raspadoo

    Who's going out for MLK weekend?

    This better Skipper?
  6. raspadoo

    Who's going out for MLK weekend?

    From this AM
  7. Where do you live? I'm in so cal but meeting some people from henderson in dumont MLK weekend. Thanks, Eric 909-725-3330

    1. joncon


      I live in NW Vegas. I was considering going out to Dumont that weekend. Let me work on that and get back to you.





  8. raspadoo

    Government shut down?

    Thanks for the info Pete, that is VERY important to know, we used medical in our camp for the first time ever last new years, they were pretty busy and I'm sure they will be missed greatly by those in need. The extreme eco and funco they had were very helpful as were their skills. Sux...
  9. raspadoo

    Stolen atvs and trailer

    In CA homeowners wont cover anything that has registration, it needs to be covered under a separate policy. Hope OP finds their toys.
  10. raspadoo

    Lost zip tie

    The reward is you would be livinglikehonestpete .
  11. raspadoo

    Lost zip tie

    Lost a zip tie in 1985 between comp hill and small dunes. Please let me know if you find it. It was obviously the white / clear style as the colored ones had not been made yet. Thanks in advance.
  12. raspadoo


    I can tell you that anyone who regularly comes to this site would "be honest", I can also tell you that regulars here prob make up less than 2% of the people out there this last weekend. Cheers
  13. raspadoo

    2nd Fatality Thanksgiving Week

    Sad Thanksgiving for many, seems the stuff in G was mostly non side by side related... I would say though, and it has been said before (not referring to any particular accident) All side by side stock belts need to be changed out to harnesses before use as well as Polaris cages. If you can not afford to spend that extra money you can not afford the side by side... Godspeed to all the fellow duners who lost their lives and prayers to all those effected, I couldn't even imagine....
  14. raspadoo

    Stolen from Las Vegas

    That really sux, I would hope any hotel parking lot in Vegas has a security camera system. Worth a shot...
  15. raspadoo

    Fatal RZR Crash at Dumont Dunes

    Goodspeed fellow duner...