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  1. Closed due to C-19? If so that's ridiculous, and unless they are not getting paid they should at minimum be calling / emailing people back.
  2. I'm planning to finally take a step back at work and enjoy many mid week trips. No vendors, no law and plenty of social distancing due to our to being one of the few out there (hopefully). Hope the CDC guidelines do not effect D. Cheers!
  3. Quads are a blast as long as you are there first after a wind cleans things up. I have a can-am x3rs for the kids but they still prefer their quads unless its REALLY beat up. Any of the major mfgs side by sides are good, if going 4 seat and or strictly sand I'd get something with a factory turbo. As mentioned the Yamahas are a good choice but you have to drive them like a 2 stroke and lot of guys end up modding the gearing to suite their needs.
  4. Welcome, Dumont is a Late fall to early spring destination. A summertime visit would be absolutely miserable as its is WAY too hot.
  5. LOL, you can drive through it with road grit, oil, grease, tires but you cant put you feet in it? Actually, sounds about right these days...
  6. Bring an ez-up, if it gets hot in the middle of the day take a trip over to the wash, set some chairs up in the water and enjoy a cold one.
  7. Looks like you will be lucky and catch some May grey. As mentioned be careful, there will prob be some soft spots and it's inherently harder to see this time of year due to less shadows being casted.
  8. Road report is good, just take your time, camping area should be good just watch for soft patches and keep speed up through them also if trailer is a tandem don't make any sharp turns. The weather is changing rapidly, be ready for some HEAT.
  9. Cool Pic, hard to believe that in 5 days it will be in the 90s out there.
  10. Nope, same here. Everyones out looking for TP.
  11. Just make sure it does not stop that fresh transmission.
  12. Done as well, he should make it a point to reach out to past sponsors.
  13. It was at the south pole over NY, Seems to be making the rounds
  14. It amazes me every time, Ive seen many coyotes (K9 type not smugglers) out there. Congrats on the find!
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