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  1. raspadoo


    Years, Pictures, Contact Info...
  2. raspadoo

    Idaho dunes trip 2018

    Killer video, thanks for sharing it
  3. raspadoo

    Lost iPhone 6+

    lost mine a year ago, had a kid in camp sign into my account and used find my iphone. Actually found in under a few inches of sand.
  4. raspadoo

    Friday Morning Early October

    Lucky! Enjoy, looks killer out there!
  5. raspadoo


    Results may vary. Before you hook up a loaded enclosed check your frame rail extensions. You can have a hitch shop beef them up if necessary. I've seen many cheesy factory extensions bent down.
  6. raspadoo

    Toy hauler is ready for the dunes

    Took a leaf blower and blew out the sand in the enclosed from last year. All ready
  7. It's on racedezert for $40K.
  8. raspadoo

    Hayabusa engine in teryx

    You could sell it and buy a newer turbo side by side and have a reliable rig with the same amount of hp 4wd and way better suspension / handling. Prob be in it less $ and definitely less headaches. Or better yet, buy the BFD with a hyabusa listed on here and be way ahead of the game!
  9. raspadoo

    Air lift insurance

    https://reachair.com/ Not sure if they cover dumont but popular with the glamis crowd.
  10. raspadoo

    Will quads be phased out by side x sides?

    My daughter still rides a ltr450 and my son rides a YFZR, I love the quads after a wind blows through but they are kinda like a sea doos, only fun when its smooth out. All of the rails / side by sides making deep tracks make for a rough ride, even at 3- 4psi.
  11. raspadoo

    Funco T Shirts

    Hats are cool, might want to make one without a flat bill for those of us too old to pull one off
  12. raspadoo

    Funco T Shirts

    Got mine today, thanks!
  13. raspadoo

    SuperATV EZ-Steer 400W Power Steering Kit

    Since its a chenowth I'm sure the geometry is good, I added power steering to an off brand sand car years ago and due to the bump steer we ended up having to put a rubber bushing between the power steering and rack to make the rack live. Watch out for that smile when you drive it for the first time as well (-=
  14. raspadoo


    Nice wheeling pics! Just got back from Pismo as well, however had to leave the sand toys at home as it was our 27th anniversary