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  1. Any of the sand goggles with the closed cell foam work great.
  2. I see there is now a trampoline at the "Veterans hill". I like the swing set,but is it going to turn into a junk pile like the north pole?
  3. everyone in my car wears one of these on their outside arm. I wear it when I drive also.
  4. Thanks for the invite Chris. We had a great time.
  5. The Valero in Baker sells the 5 gallon cans. you might want to call them and ask.
  6. Thanks for the invites. I found a group to camp with.
  7. My wife will be out of town Halloween weekend. My son 8 and I want to go to the dunes but dont have any friends going. we have a sxs and he has a trx90 he likes to ride with other kids. I have been duning for 30 years so I have plenty of experience. I just dont like to ride alone. If anyone wouldn't mind having us we love to ride. we plan on heading out Thursday evening. thanks John
  8. Thanks for the invites. We decided to stay closer to home and ride trails .
  9. Who is going next weekend? My wife son (6) and I are planing on going late Thursday night to Sunday. We are looking for a group to camp with. I have been duning for 20 years just don't like to ride alone. We definitely dont mind having a few adult beverages. Xp4900
  10. I have an xp4 900 and I can go anywhere in glamis or Dumont with 4 adults.
  11. Don't forget to rotate your truck. You don't want the paint on one side and primer on the other.
  12. Amazing build. Question, how did you get away with no roll cage and no helmets.
  13. We used the small sunglasses with a strap and foam around the lenses. They are not that good if it's windy but they helped. Saw some on amazon but don't know how to share a link.
  14. I wonder if he suffered from CTE. He will be mised.
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