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Dakar 4 Days And Counting


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It still pisses me off that the entire world gets full Dakar coverage and we here in the States get a 30 min recap a day later. :banghead:

It seems that our American effort in Robby Gordon basically hit the wall today. Had brake issues early on in the day and stayed with him throughout the stage. Reports that he got towed in the last 30k and finished over 4 hours back. There were some pictures of him at the finish where he looked worked, maybe some A/C problems. They say it reached 122F there today and it was a brutal stage with lots of breakdowns. He is still in good spirits and ready to tackle the rest of the rally.

Unfortunately, Nasser Al-Attiyah took the win in today's stage in a Mini. These things seem like they can't be beat right now. They have their program dialed and are the cars to beat.

I really think Robby has a good program and car to win if they can get through the breakdowns. Some talk about lack of testing, but the Gordini has a lot of testing on it this year and problems have been found and fixed. The car ran great yesterday and earned him a 2nd place on the day, but that was only an hour long stage. Once they get their problems sorted, I believe Robby can put the Gordini on the box if not win a few stages.

Go Robby :usa:

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Yesterday was Stage 3, one of the shorter stages of the race. Robby ran well as he started somewhere in the 50's off the line and finished 15. He had a flat and took out one of the lines for the tire inflation system that cost him a few minutes.

Today was stage 4 and another bad day for Robby. Word is he had a problem with his flywheel and had to cut off the starter ring gear, but was able to get rolling again after losing over an hour, putting him about 4 1/2 hours down in the overall.

Peterhansel did well in his new Peugot today, but the car still looks very unstable through the rough. The other 2 cars are struggling with technical problems but I believe they finished the stage.

Hopefully this will be the last of Robby's technical problems for the rest of the rally. There is pretty much no hope of a win or even a podium finish. Maybe he can pull off a top ten overall finish.

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Pretty disappointing. They test all year long and still seem to have these issues every year. He can't catch a break.

There's more to it than that, but I won't talk about it here. LOL

He finished 3rd today. He shows he can run up front when everything holds together.

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That was a nasty wreck, glad those guys are ok.

This morning's stage had the cars start 5 at a time, land rush style, on a dry lake bed that is 85 miles long. So they were supposed to be flat out wide open for 85 miles across the lake bed. Robby lost some time today but word is he had low oil pressure and took it easy as to not hurt anything. This was part of the marathon stage where the drivers ended yesterday's stage and none of the their teams were allowed to go and service the cars. Only the drivers were allowed to make repairs.

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