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Will there be a 5th Annual Buggy Roundup in 2017?


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My wife and I have been duning at Dumont for more than twenty years - but nearly all of the friends we used to camp and dune are no longer active in the sport.

We had hoped to have the opportunity to make new friends at the Dumontdunerider's 4th Annual  Buggy Roundup, last December, but we were not able to make it. 

So, we became determined not to let anything prevent our attending this year's 5th Annual  Buggy Roundup. 

However, thus far the web site's December 2017 calendar does not show a 5th Annual Buggy Roundup, and we are wondering if this is event is no longer being scheduled?

Thank you!

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Yes! It will be happening this December. I have yet to announce anything on the site, but it will be posted up shortly after Halloween. Since it has already been brought up, I'll at least say it will be the weekend of December 9-10, 2017 so save that date.

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