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Who has CRF/XR50 exhaust on an ATC70?


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I'd like to give one of my ATC70s a little more volume without spending a bunch of money. A friend of mine has the Cobra pipe which actually sounds great, great power too. Sterdy Products has a system that look EXCELLENT to me but more than I want to spend.
I searched and couldn't find a whole lot on the subject but did see it has been done. The thread I found was 6 years old so I'm sure things have changed a bunch since then. I did find one other thread but I lost it, it wasn't real helpful anyway.

So who can enlighten me on this subject? The do's and don'ts. My goal right now is just sound. I'm planning on an 88cc kit down the road. I've got an 88cc kit on one of my XL70s and it made a huge differnce. Off subject but I've also got an SL70 that I bored the cased out on for a 95cc kit but that isnt finished yet.
And is it ok to just throw the cheapes pipe on there?  Please tell me because I already had a bad experience in the selection s2000 exhaust...
I'm not a real fan of chrome exhaust though. I'd rather have stainless or painted if possible but I guess you can't be picky and cheap. 

I'm looking forward to suggestions and input.

Here's 2 of mine.

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