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  1. A Little Rain At Dumont Dunes Today

    The Amargosa River is flowing in July!
  2. President's Weekend 2018

    President's Weekend 2018 President'ts Day is Monday, Feb 19th More info will be posted as it becomes available for the Jeep Drags and Hill Climbs
  3. MLK Weekend 2018

    MLK Weekend 2018 MLK Jr Day is Monday, Jan 15th
  4. New Years Weekend 2017-2018

    New Years Weekend New Years Day is Monday, Jan 1st
  5. Thanksgiving Weekend 2017

    Thanksgiving Weekend 2017 Thanksgiving Day is Thurs, Nov. 23rd
  6. Halloween Weekend 2017

    Halloween lands on a Tuesday this year. As per tradition, Halloween weekend will still be the last weekend in October (28-29) and trick-or-treating will be on Saturday night.
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