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One EPIC Christmas Eve day trip! Christmas 2011

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cmondwn    13

Glad you guys had a blast.. Wish we could have made it....


You were extremely missed, your wife a little more! Your wife and I are self entertainer's :)

David, you really did miss a beautiful weekend... sorry to rub it in! I hope you and the wife make it for Pres Day... The Renner's and Missour Boys are coming - should be an interesting/fun weekend.

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NE14SAND    14

We always have a great time with Mike & Jodi ... Mike is very patient and leads great "girl" rides ... The dunes will not be the same for New Years - for sure! I will use this weekend for drinks and friends :)


OUCH lol

so what are you saying

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I had my first experience at Dumont this past Christmas holiday and must say it was pretty sweet with only one exception. Some friends had set up camp and been riding since Christmas eve, I then joined them the on Dec 26th. Got to ride in my friend's razor....sooooooooo much fun....I got soooo nauseus but totally worth it. Well the next day one of my friends decided he wanted to bust out the surf board and surf the dunes. Well in my excitement, I grabbed the camera, put my phone in my back pocket (you know where this is going) and hopped onto a quad to photograph the events. Well I am sure you know what's coming......I LOST MY PHONE!!!! Ultimate blonde moment!!!

In all honesty I could care less about the phone, it's the SD card that is really valuable. There are pictures and videos of my dog Sierra on that card, and since I put her down on Holloween I can't really replace those precious memories. So if anybody reads this and they found or know someone that found a Droid 2 from Verizon, I would be forever grateful to get my SD card back. I even made an attempt to go all the way back out there to see if I could find it....but no luck. Thanks for reading and thanks for helping me spread the word. And p.s. thanks to the gentleman that helped me get my car out of the sand cause I drove my civic too close to the dunes ;) lol. And here are some photos of the trip!

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dunefreak    1,179

haha how did the surf board do in the sand?

BTW, post your lost phone in the lost and found section. Many times duners find things out there and they check that section out. You'd be surprised what people get back!

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It was hilarious, the trick was finding a dune that had the right angle.....I still say he should have done comp hill...lol He kept saying that it felt like the board was sticking to the sand... next time we will have to bring some PAM cooking spray or something.. Ha ha

Thanks for the tip! :beercheers:

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