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pre-Presidents weekend trip report

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I took a day trip today, wish I could have stayed, but I am working all weekend... figured I would give everyone who isnt out there now a little report.

Sand/dunes: started out silky smooth early this morning but are all tracked up now, still fun. SOFT. lots of wind has caused some soft sand. counted close to a dozen sand cars buried up to the motor throughout the day. :slap:

Weather: good and windy from the time I pulled in (5am) unitl about noon or so. after noon the wind died down to a pleasant breeze. temps were perfect. beautiful day after the wind. :beat:

Entrance road: good. not as nice as it was during mlk weekend, but nothing to complain about.

Crowd: not too bad for arguably the busiest weekend of the year at dumont. although trailers were pouring in as I was leaving at about 430. not as bad as last year, yet...

heres a few pics, enjoy! :MBdance:

the good stuff



a few of my bike and the sunrise



the crowd at about 1pm, not bad...




comp hill


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Great pics. Thanks for the report. Cant wait to get out there tomorrow. Im a dune groupie this weekend. Just driving out in the burb for an overnight trip. Going to be weird out there without my bike, but it will be a quick 24 hr trip, maybe less!!

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Looks great!! Thanks for the early report. We couldnt make it because of work or the lack of....

Looks like good times!!

:beat::lol::slap::lol: :rhino: :ynot::MBdance:



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GREAT TRIP! Just effn tired. Boy F'd his back up so I got to do the Man B*ctch work + the Chick Sh*t too. Good times all around. Not to many pics, will post later.

I like toast.

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Rolled Friday late, ran over to comp about 10:30 at about 1:30 am started popping flames out of my head where the pipe goes in, shut the motor off and realized that I lost an exhaust bolt. I had my Step Brother tow me back not wanting to run the bike for obvious reasons and the next morning when I could see I saw that the head pipe moved out of the head and sand was now in my head. Needless to say tha was the end of my riding for the weekend.

Time to pull the head and verify if sand made it farther into the motor.

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