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  1. that's because they will be out of a job when its for hikers only...they wont need as much man power
  2. hopefully they didn't de-tune it to keep it cool.....
  3. 205 is no issue at all...plus that was after some dyno pulls. probably would run cooler actually driving
  4. Im trying I was hoping to have you guys take it from me when you were in town for the Silver State race but waited to long to get ahold of you guys
  5. lightly applying the throttle may keep it together for more than half a trip
  6. Cliven said directly into the camera he has no problems paying the grazing fee. He will not pay it to BLM. He will and was paying it to Clark County when the BLM forced Clark county to stop taking it. and surprise surprise http://www.naturalnews.com/044670_BLM_lies_fracking_leases_Bundy_ranch.html# and piece of sh*t Harry Reid wants it to "quietly go away peacefully"....
  7. I know Becky(Steve's wife) has done all their upholstery in their classics they have. They have a few extremely nice cars
  8. yep gotta love those unions
  9. ^^ there have been articles about all those places but like you said you don't subscribe so you dont see them. youre only seeing the ones people post up about
  10. been a subscriber for almost 20 years. it just seems its not as packed anymore and more ads than content.
  11. I already sent them(the company website) a nasty email
  12. just like the purple sand car a few years ago that landed on its cage upside down from 50-70 feet. it would be hard to live through that in any cage. prayers to the victims.
  13. jeez quit your bitchen....you are at the dunes
  14. its not at the dunes Jim.....its on the highway from Baker to Vegas through Shoshone and Pahrump
  15. I will too then since your JB welded trans will break!!!!
  16. the season pass thing again about a passenger vehicle pass with a season pass purchase
  17. That's the old bowl....look how steep it is
  18. I should be there that weekend with some people from work
  19. too many cars this weekend that have issues and no way to fix them due to locked tuners and crap!!!!
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