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  1. Wooooo Whoooo! Trailer all fixed. Blow circuit on the board, a really bad battery and the guy who put the new shocks on my truck screwed the ground wire for my trailer brakes under the shock mount bolt which in turn blew a 30 fuse on my truck.
  2. Chased the red wire to under the bed that is in a bundle screwed together with a blue wire nut. Now gotta chase those some where. I will take pics.
  3. All the fuses in the trailer are in tack. The one on the the outside coming off the positive, red wire is the one that blows.
  4. I have two 40's (no pun intended) should those go in first for last.
  5. There is a fuse that runs from my (positive side) of my battery to the trailer. Was working just fine, then I moved the trailer to the side of my house and went I plugged it into the house, fuse blew, Unplugged it from the house, fuse blew. Plugged the trailer into by truck, blew the fuse again. I have a surge somewhere and have know idea where to look. I unhooked the positive side and followed the wire and could find no damage to the wire. Any ideas? Would love to take it down to the dealer, but I have no lights cause when I hook it up to my truck it blows the fuse.
  6. I just now found out. I am beside myself. One of the most kind, gentle, honest man I have known. I don't what to say. I will change my pic to represent a truly amazing person. Much saddness. Bert you will be missed more then you know. Gods speed, cause speed was is in your soul.
  7. Unless it's someone elses video that you happen to be in the background doing something or ................someone. LOL.
  8. Pretty soon nothing you do in public or in a seemingly private setting will be private any more. gonna always have to mind your P's and Q's.
  9. i thought they found his truck burnt in big bear.
  10. get your sticker and vin# before you go. you may be able to get fuel from a near by lake. have fun.
  11. well isn't that nice. LMAO come on let him type something.
  12. only part of it. the way he made it sound.....it was minimal. I found out later it was a lot more. lol it's all good now. she is perfect for this family. and I understand malinois she is my 4th one. not counting the litter of 7 pups my first dog had. she has settled very nicely.
  13. Update: Thank you Dan for bringing this Mal into my life. After her redecorating event, she has been an angle. She is way younger the thought. She was about 1 year when you brought her to me. She is learning how to play, loves kids, cats (scary, scary cats), dogs. Very shy around men. Always comes when she is called, never leaves the yard. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. She is such a clown and still does the snap, snap of her teeth when she is happy or being silly. Thanks you so much. DDR Peeps Rock. Hands down.
  14. Jill, is Charlie home yet or is still random posting o FB from the hospital? LOL
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