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  • Dumont Conditions

    Live updates from Dumont Dunes including the weather and conditions. If you're out at Dumont, click "add new report" and tell us how it is!

    Fri Afternoon: Here Comes The Storm

    Overall conditions: bad
    There hasn't been much rain so far today, but the sand is a little damp.
    The river crossing is still very easily passable, however the weather is turning ugly. Winds are picking up and expected to reach over 40 mpg gusts later today. A 1/2 inch of rain is predicted for later and it will likely rain until Saturday afternoon, but then it's supposed to clear up for the rest of the weekend.
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    Super Nice Day!

    Overall conditions: great
    Couldn't ask for better weather today. The dunes have been repaired a bit but it's gonna be a few more weeks until the tips are back to normal. 

    Breezy And Chilly Morning

    Overall conditions: fair
    I woke up this morning to the sound of a strong breeze. Just as I opened the door and looked outside at the sun coming up from the horizon, my collapsible trash can decided it wanted to go duning. I wish I had a GoPro on or someone was filming me because it had to look hilarious. I was full sprint, running after it as it rolled about 20 mph toward the finger dune. I hoped it would slow down when it got there but instead the turbo must have spooled up because it took off! I was within 10 feet of it the whole time. I ran about 3/4's of the way up the dune before I gave up. It was cruising! I hopped in the sandcar to go looking for it but it was nowhere to be found. It's probably in Baker by now.  So if anyone finds a beige, collapsible trash can please let me know. There's your morning dune report. Other than that it's gorgeous out here.

    So anyways, it's a little breezy. There are about 4 camps total and the dunes are great in some spots and still funky as hell in others. I might be turning my paddles around because it's still pretty damp. We'll see. I might just take it easy. 




    Thursday Night Dune Report

    Overall conditions: good
    We rolled in earlier this evening and I was quite surprised how fast the river was flowing. It was only a few inches deep, but it was flowing fast as hell and it covered almost the whole concrete pad.

    We got settled in and have been relaxing all night. It's nice and quiet out out here. There's maybe 2 or 3 other camps, if that. The sky is extremely clear tonight and there are so many stars. In addition to Vegas, of course, you can also see the glow of Baker. The sand is still pretty damp about 5-6 inches below the surface. Tomorrow morning will tell for sure how good the actual dunes are. I'll throw another update up tomorrow.


    Clear Skies, Damp Sand

    Overall conditions: good
    The skies are clear and there is nobody out at Dumont except @christinepotter81 & family. The dunes are still a bit damp and recovering from the recent rain storms. Mother nature is trying her best to repair them. Still a gorgeous day regardless.

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