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  • Dumont Conditions

    Live updates from Dumont Dunes including the weather and conditions. If you're out at Dumont, click "add new report" and tell us how it is!

    Tuesday Dune Report- Halloween Weekend

    Overall conditions: great
    @jalper and @dirtflickarooster are having way too fun without the rest of us at the Veteran's Hill swing set.
    @jalper, "The weather is amazing"

    @dirtflickarooster, "@alpermotorsports swinging into Tuesday lol"


    Overall conditions: great
    Hit the sand today for a little solo time. All quiet. A little tracked. Great weather. Light breeze. The road in :  I’m new here so it’s WASHBOARD!!!  Shook something loose on my old rig though,  and guess what? Now it’s now running better!!!LOL  hope to make Halloween Weekend. Cell tower update. Not operational today.  

    Some Like It Hot

    Overall conditions: great
    Had to get up early and hit up the dunes, so we didn't miss the ride time. Yesterday it got toasty, and today is supposed to be hotter. But we're still at Dumont and having a great time! Didn't have to run the AC, but probably will today. Great morning and evening runs. Still shelfy.

    Summer Sand

    Overall conditions: great
    Just got back from the cocktail sunset run. The dunes are definitely "summer dunes" big shelves and witches eyes. But buttery smooth virgin dunes. Maybe tomorrow we'll stop where I can get pics. 

    Thursday March 7

    Overall conditions: epic!
    Brian and Amanda are out there living it up all by themselves. Brian sent me these. It looks nice! They should have a good weekend. 

    Friday Morning Update

    Overall conditions: fair
    Friday morning update: chilly and cloudy. There's some W with high gusts. Here it comes. It's supposed to calm down later after about 6pm. 
    Friday morning views from @goon_rider_69 

    Camp area from @bstecki


    Thursday Weather And Dune Conditions

    Overall conditions: fair
    President's weekend is starting out a bit wet, but the weekend should be nice. 
    Current weather update and forecast:
    ☔Thursday: Dumont received some overnight rainfall & "W" last night and drizzle much into Thursday. There are flash flood warnings in effect so expect more rain and W.
    🌬️Friday: There is no rain predicted but there will definitely be some W most of the day 10-30 mph. High of 62°!
    ☀️Saturday and 🌞Sunday: no rain and no W. Highs in the 50's and overnight lows in the upper 30's. The weekend is looking sunny and beautiful.
    Thursday afternoon entrance road & river crossing (submitted by Scott Mazick)
    Sand conditions submitted by @bs247365 via IG
    "Had rain last night. Sand is wet and hard. Going to make for some fast riding this weekend.
    .....that’s what she said. 😄😄
    I know it was coming from someone. 😂 "


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