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  • Dumont Conditions

    Live updates from Dumont Dunes including the weather and conditions. If you're out at Dumont, click "add new report" and tell us how it is!

    12/20 Report

    Overall conditions: good
    What a great start to Christmas week at Dumont!
    Arrived mid morning, unloaded the X3's and decorated the moho for Christmas. Exchanged presents with our CA family and then set out to tear up the sand.
    Mike got me a new set of Eibach springs, so I couldn't wait to try them out. I can't believe how much smoother my ride was with a new set of springs and a shock adjustment.
    Sand still had some good lines laid out from last weekend's buggy round up. Found some friends to line up with. It was good getting rides in with others before we settle in for the week with just one more hauler.
    Cold and cloudy.

    Dec 12 Dune Report

    Overall conditions: great
    We pulled in last night and had some cool, but nice weather. @sandmandan, @Josh Weber, Gary, and @tmerrell we're already here and set up for the weekend. We had some good laughs around the fire. Buggy Roundup is underway and looking great so far. There's probably only 5 other camps out here. The sand is a little damp but not wet. Should be a nice weekend!

    Friday Dumont

    Overall conditions: good
    Beautiful morning!   55 degrees. Not crowded but wet clumpy sand. Lots of tracks.   Light breeze. 

    Wednesday Turkey Week Dune Report

    Overall conditions: fair
    Strong W all night.  Less now but still blowing.  Cloudy skies 55 degrees. Looks like the predicted storm is close. It's supposed to be crappy for a couple days.  

    Tuesday Dune Report- Turkey Week

    Overall conditions: great
    Tuesday morning dune report from @sandmandan.
    Beautiful day. No W. Smooth sand from yesterday's W storm.
    Some groups but still fairly empty. It was 50 degrees at 8 AM. 

    Monday Morning Of Turkey Week

    Overall conditions: great
    According to @sandmandan, they had the dunes all to themselves this morning and the weather was gorgeous. They got a little W around mid morning but it calmed down. He said camp area is still pretty empty. 


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