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  • Dumont Conditions

    Live updates from Dumont Dunes including the weather and conditions. If you're out at Dumont, click "add new report" and tell us how it is!

    Omg! Perfect!

    Overall conditions: epic!
    Where are the summer dunes?????? Not at Dumont!! Perfect sand, rollers, haven't run across any weird summer shelves! Sitting on the edge of the Super Bowl.

    Hot Yet Nice Out

    Overall conditions: epic!
    Arrived to about 104 degrees
    Slight Breeze off and on
    Set up my camp
    Went for an awesome dune run
    Saw two other rails toward the end of my run
    Only 3 other camps out here
    Maybe more will arrive this evening:-)

    Dune Report / Film Production

    Overall conditions: great
    Today I made a day trip out to the sandbox to take some pictures for a few Friends of Dumont Dunes projects I am working on in preparation of the upcoming season. It was a cool 95 degrees with a nice breeze but if you weren't moving it got HOT in the sun! My buddy and I had the dunes all to ourselves and it was the softest, fluffy sand I've ever experienced out at Dumont! Imagine driving on cotton candy but sliding on oil. It was a challenge in some spots to say the least but we still had a great, safe time!
    Even though we had the dunes all to ourselves the rest of the place was crawling with the largest film production crew Dumont Dunes has ever seen! 
    With extremely tight security, significant area closures and an increased BLM presence the majority of the flats normally filled with group camps, sand toys and firepits has been transformed during filming into another planet for the upcoming movie Ad Astra staring Brad Pitt.
    This futuristic film takes place in the setting of the planet Neptune. Filmmaker James Gray will be taking the helm in what he's promised will be the “most realistic depiction of space travel that’s been put in a movie.”
    Coming down the main road the fee station area was completely packed with all of their equipment and the Visitors Center area was utilized for an additional security checkpoint and the medic staging area.
    Looking to the North was the active "set" that unfortunately we couldn't get close to due to security, noise and dust restrictions. The majority of today was the "rover travelling" scenes. They have been filming for a couple weeks now and will be continuing for at least another week. Enjoy the attached photos and I look forward to seeing everyone next month for Halloween! 

    Awesome Weather

    Overall conditions: epic!
    Weather is Awesome
    Did some throttle leakage work on the rail.  Needed to finally get out to test the work.  Damn, my rail finally runs like it should
    About 88 in the sun
    About 76 in the shade
    I big camp and a number of small individual camps
    Breezy from time to time
    Loving It

    Sunday Morning: Great Weather And Dunes

    Overall conditions: epic!
    We went out for one last, really long dune run this morning. The dunes are perfect and the weather couldn't be better. It's a great way to close out the season. Although it's over for us, there are plenty of good weekends left out here. 



    Dumont Beach

    Overall conditions: great
    It's in the 90's but the breeze has kept things cool today. We still decided to go down to the creek and have a Dumont Beach party. 🤘

    Saturday Sunrise

    Overall conditions: great
    The weekend is starting off great. I pulled in around 4PM yesterday and although it was 95 degrees on my truck thermometer, the light breeze has kept things really nice. The dunes are perfect. We went out for a dune run with a few of the buggies and laid it down. We've been waiting all year for these conditions and the dunes are finally dry, smooth, and there are some fun fast lines. 
    I am up and at it this morning taking advantage of the nice cool weather and epic sunrise. 

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