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  • Dumont Conditions

    Live updates from Dumont Dunes including the weather and conditions. If you're out at Dumont, click "add new report" and tell us how it is!

    Smooth And Shelfy

    Overall conditions: great
    The "W" howled all night, leaving the dunes buttery smooth, but very shelfy!
    When I got up early this morning to get milky way shots, there was no breeze. Now there's just a slight one.
    No tracks and barely any one here.
    The military birds just blew over us in the dunes! 
    Looking forward to tomorrow's clean up events!

    Not The Most Ideal Conditions

    Overall conditions: fair
    There's surprisingly numerous camps out here! 
    The dunes have moved significantly and are jacked up from the last time I was here a month ago...
    Clouds have rolled in, wind and rain spitting.
    I forgot my contacts and my glasses are making it hard to see bouncing all over...
    Eh... At least I'm not at home!!!

    Overcast But Smooth Dunes!

    Overall conditions: fair
    It's a bit overcast this morning and there is a good chance of some rain coming in, but Dumont is empty right now and the dunes are nice!
    feature photo by @sand chick
    photo below by @sb2fast


    10Th Yr Anniversary Trip Before The Crowds

    Overall conditions: epic!
    There's nothing better then an off weekend in the sand! There's maybe 10 small camps in the entire camp area.
    The sand is ripply smooth on top, but still wet not to far from the surface.
    It's a bit warm, but not horrible hot.
    We are chilling in the shade of the x3 while taking a break from a great rally!
    The stars were out last night, with no moon, just incredible!

    Superbowl Weekend - Saturday Morning

    Overall conditions: great
    Just got back from an hour or so in the dunes and they are tracked out big time! There aren't many camps out here this weekend, but there are a few big camps with a bunch of buggies. Many of these guys have been out here all week running the smooth dunes which is why those dunes are now so beat up. We need a good, short wind storm to clean this place up. We're having a good time though enjoying the gorgeous weather. It's nice and warm with a slight breeze every now and then. 



    Getting The Sand Fix

    Overall conditions: great
    It's a chilly morning! The dunes are empty and so is camp! I love me some off weekend dunes!
    The dunes have a few tracks, alot of virgin sand, some drop offs and razors. It's dry on the top and still wet under. The tops have a lot of the wet sand that the recent W has blown the dry off of.

    Mlk Weekend Sand Update

    Overall conditions: good
    The dunes are still a bit damp, but they're still slick enough to slide around. They're fast and easy to read. Lots of traction. 

    Starting To Fill In

    Overall conditions: good
    It's already starting to get filled in. It's looking like it's going to be a busy New Year's weekend. On Tuesday the camps started to do all over the flats, with a couple of huge camps already formed. Maybe they'll only stay for the week and leave before the busy crowded holiday weekend?
    We've already had a couple of close calls and saw the medivac helicopter fly in yesterday. Don't know if there was an accidental or just training?
    We've laid down some damn good tracks and yesterday when people started arriving, the cross tracks got pretty deep.

    Dunes Are Different From Two Weeks Ago

    Overall conditions: epic!
    Haven't even stopped in the dunes! Too busy rallying and tearing them up before the New Year's crowds roll in! Surprisingly there's more camps out here then in the year's passed. There was less people for buggy round up. Still nicely empty! 
    There's shelve every where and witches eyes from the W that blew Weds and Thurs. And the dunes are completely different from two weeks ago!
    Friday and Saturday where cool and the nights were chilly! Today it's sunny and  66.
    The people that are here came to ride, so there's already some tracks mixed in with fresh untouched sand.
    Been chillin in camp visiting, watching movies and playing games in between dune rallys!
    Love this relaxing week at Dumont!

    We'll Hold It Down Until Everyone Else Arrives

    Overall conditions: epic!
    The dunes are so smooth you'd never think Thanksgiving was just 2 weeks ago. These are like summertime with weird stuff everywhere...drop offs and shelves where rollers usually are. @sandmandan and I put a small beating on them this morning and we layed some tracks down, but it'll take a couple more runs to get some lines burned in. Don't worry. We'll handle it. 👌 The weather is great and there's only 3 other small camps here but us. Looking forward to seeing everyone for Buggy Roundup 5! Let's do this. 

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