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  1. DanTheDuneMan

    Day trip August 18th 2019

    Got there 4:30am and set up. Then helped Drag a random 5th wheel out of some soft sand, hit the dunes at first sign of light and met a fellow duner and had a blast....all before 10am!
  2. good to know, didn't think itd be in the 100's in September but if so ill just take a trip up north to the mountains.
  3. Is Labor day a big weekend at the dunes? I seem to remember it being busy but is Vender Row going to be there? Probably still going to go but big weekends are the best!
  4. Yes my dude it was HOT! Utah seems like it'd hot is coral pink cooler still?
  5. did you guys go out? wish I woulda seen this sooner
  6. Just a couple camps. Came across a group of bad ass quads from Riverside Sunday on Banchee hill and had some fun racing and tearing up the dunes.
  7. Its going to a nice weekend, Shouldn't get into the 100's and not much wind. I'm gearing up for the weekend is anyone else going to see me out their? I just picked up a Yamaha Raptor 700 and can't wait to tear up the dunes. Hope I see you all out there. Stay Safe!
  8. Setting up for Memorial Day Weekend 2017, highest it should be is only 98. Lows in the 60's with a calm breeze. should make for an amazing weekend.
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