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  1. No AT&T service out there over Halloween. Hopefully they get it done soon...
  2. Our Verizon peeps had 3-5 bars and were able to call and text. It was not good enough to stream video. I never looked at my phone all weekend, it was great!!!
  3. I’m going to be there, always enjoy the Jeep drags and hill climbs, maybe next year.
  4. We will be out there tomorrow morning. For my Bday also!! Probably gonna be our last trip for the season. See you all out there!!
  5. Can you still purchase a weekend dune pass at the entrance to the dunes? Looking to go out next weekend for a quick trip.
  6. Wish I could have made it this year but..... Hopefully I can make it next year!!
  7. It’s been a few years since we been out to Dumont, we had a great time! Any way we head out there early Friday morning from the Lancaster area, everything goes fine until we get to Baker and fuel up the truck. As I’m doing a walk around of the rig my brother points out a huge bubble in the sidewall of one of my tires! So we change it out no problem. Get to the dunes and and have a good time all weekend. One of our neighbors went out there for the first time also so we talked to them for a while. My buggy ran good all weekend, we helped out a few fellow duners who were having some issues out ne
  8. The family and I had a great time at trunk or treat this year also!! My parents and my brother made it out this year too. We will definately be back again next year!!!
  9. Got my passes last week can’t wait to get out there again!
  10. Well...I will be heading back out to Dumont this Halloween for the first time in few years!! I upgraded my car to a 4 seater and added a subi power plant! I’ve had it at Glamis for Presidents’ Day last year but I got sick and didn’t get to have to much fun . Car is getting wrapped on Monday then I’ll edit this and post a pic or two. Oh yeah and I bought my parents toy hauler. They down sized to a smaller motor home. Looking forward to getting back to Dumont, been going there since I was a kid!! Okay so its wrapped! I still need to paint the intercooler/scoop, but other than that
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