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  1. Looking at the calendar and Halloween is on Wednesday this year. Shall I assume the Halloween Festivities will be on Saturday 10/27 & Sunday, 10/28? Not Saturday, 11/3 & Sunday, 11/4? Just want to be sure before I take time off work
  2. I leave Sunday morning...be there Sunday afternoon. However, Im mentally there... All you peeps driving 10+ hours...Best wishes for a safe & UNeventful drive!
  3. Can someone remind me...What is the "cut off" date for weeklong camping passes? (For example if I go to Dumont from Saturday to Saturday Thanksgiving week...Ill need TWO passes...one Saturday to ???? Then one from ???? to the next Saturday
  4. According to Google: From my house in Santa Clarita its 205 miles! I think the guy from Springfield is going to win...
  5. Thanks Me and my gang will be there! Everyone have a safe trip out...
  6. Leaving for Dumont Saturday...gonna be there ALL week... Happy Thanksgiving!! Anyone know if there's a meet & greet?
  7. Ill be there...Leaving in 4 hours and counting.... Dumb Question (Ive only been to Dumont like 100+ times..but where is the SOUTH pole?) :blonde:
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