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  1. Just got off the phone with the buddy in Baker. They went to 4 different stores asking about the 7 day pass including the East Valero Gas Station, and all said they are not selling passes due to covid. The only way to get the 7 day pass was the kiosk at the entrance if you don't have an annual pass. Hope this helps some people to save some time.
  2. The only way to get the annual passes this year is to call the Barstow field office to purchase one and they FedEx it to the address of your choosing. Their number is 760-252-6000 like Redondo mentioned
  3. Oh were they? My memory let me down this time... Damn it. Excited for Halloween
  4. Sorry i typed that funny. It meant to read "holiday and non-holiday passes are same prices as previous years, no change". Sorry for that confusion! Holiday pass is still $120 and non-holiday is $100.
  5. Many of you are like us and love your annual pass w/holidays. With BLM office being closed, their recording says the staff is "working hard at home answering calls and responding to emails". Well, after 2 weeks, calling 10 times each day and leaving a voicemail, plus numerous emails, called this morning and on the first ring someone answered!! Was so excited I was speechless all I said was don't hang up! I'll give some feedback, hoping to answer some questions someone might have but too nervous to ask or not know how to ask! - yes they are open remotely, limited staff due to an abu
  6. Hello, we are selling our 2014 Keystone Raptor 395LEV. We need a bigger garage is the only reason for selling. Some of it is still financed through Alaska FCU, we can meet at an Alaska branch and make the sale there. You're more than welcome to finance with them, or bring your own financing to them if desired. Now the good stuff: -12 foot separate garage -12 gallon gas and auto electric water heater -12 cu ft quad door fridge -1 and half bathrooms -2 black tanks -2 grey tanks -110 gallons of fresh water -black tank sani-flush on both tanks -3
  7. Good lookin group of cars and people! Great turn out.
  8. Great conditions on your Thursday morning November 14th dune report
  9. There's also the Shell has 2 dump stations in Baker along with that mobile home park on hwy 127. Shell was $5 and so was mobile home park last time i used them. Happy dumping
  10. Yup, i agree. Down fridge vent works, but the little wire cover is so clean. I used it when i did my solar also, makes it look factory.
  11. Is this the infamous Veterans Memorial?! I'll be on the hunt for it this weekend and if not, then in 2 weeks when no one is there!
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