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    2016 Rzr 900 4 - 2001 Honda Xr250 - 2000 Honda xr 100 - 2011 Forest river stealth fs2612
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  1. eDUBz

    Rolling into DUMONT the 27th.

    Nice! We spent 5 days down in cuddeback dry lake, stopped at Husky on Saturday. I just posted my trip down in the trails and hard pack section.
  2. eDUBz

    RZR accident at Banshee Hill 3-19-16

    Dang, sorry to hear.
  3. eDUBz

    Wrist / arm restraints

    So spent the last hours digging around. I was looking at Racequip, G-force and Simpson. But they all attach like the helmets with the straps over/ under the rings. I came across the Crow restraints and these have Velcro. I’m thinking of going with the crow. Seems like the Velcro will make super easy to put on and take off. Plus the quick clip to the restraints. $40 bucks a pop.
  4. eDUBz

    Wrist / arm restraints

    What is everyone using or recommend ? Thinking of ordering some for all four of us before our thanksgiving trip. My wife and two daughters have smaller arms, want something that fits nice and comfy.
  5. eDUBz

    RV Antennas

    Haha finally got it! Was wondering about this since I signed up
  6. eDUBz

    Kurtis Taco'd Rzr. Halloween 2018

    some standup campers he’s riding with
  7. eDUBz

    2018 Halloween trip reports!

    Thanks for the report. Glad you made it home safe.
  8. eDUBz

    Halloween 2018

    Anyone need a Dumont Halloween pass? Free of course, would hate to just pay $40 and not be used - Unfortunately for us some stuff came up and we are unable to make it.
  9. eDUBz

    Portable generators

    I wonder if a generator was even shipped out and received by someone at the Santa Paula address?
  10. eDUBz

    Portable generators

    Hey I’m 10 mins from Santa Paula. hope you get your generator!
  11. eDUBz

    RZR - Paddles or no paddles -

    Thanks guys, I did have paddle tires that were for a Can Am. I bought adapters but started reading reviews on running adapters and ended up selling off everything today. So trying to locate some used rear paddles before Friday.
  12. eDUBz

    RZR - Paddles or no paddles -

    Not bead locked, thanks!
  13. Will the stock dirt commanders do any good aired down at Dumont?
  14. eDUBz

    Halloween 2018

    Does that mean you got a New sand rail ?