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  1. The giant, inflatable balls were so funny! It was too dark to catch a pic though.
  2. haha I did leave for 5 or 6 days! I camped over by Ibex dunes/Saratoga Spring and then Tecopa. I thought my trailer was gonna blow away in Tecopa lol!
  3. Wow that really sucks! I just realized something. I brought a few people out for the cleanup and we brought in a truck bed full of trash between us but then, at the end, they did end up going over to the dumpster to try to get rid of their personal trash. I can tell from their reaction to it being full that they had ZERO clue they weren't supposed to put their own trash in it. I didn't realize what was going on until they were complaining about not being able to use it.
  4. What does it look like? We found one the other day.
  5. I'm out here now!! Get your booties out here!
  6. It's white or light purple with a pinkish case. It might not be an 11 I dont know. It's pretty smashed up.
  7. Oh damn lol good thing I didnt go yet!! Its flooding the road so they might intervene soon.
  8. Drove in yesterday evening around 6pm. The water is getting high over the concrete due to people blocking off a large pool right next to it so I'm gonna bring a shovel over later and fix it so it flows again and the road doesn't wash away.** **I've been informed the BLM made the pool so I will leave it alone** There are maybe 7 rigs out here total right now. It's a beautiful day!! Maybe 6mph breeze, sunny, and nice at 9:30am. Last night was extremely windy so the dunes look crazy sharp. Check out the pics!
  9. There's probably double the amount of people here now. Weather is still good!
  10. Theres like 15 small groups. It's awesome out here!
  11. Just arrive in daylight and keep your eyes on the ground and go quick. Plenty of hard packed areas and lots of soft sand too. If you get stuck, post here and one of us will yank you out.
  12. Apparently! I believe he was a BLM ranger. I'll try to dig up the Facebook post or message where she told me about it.
  13. Spent a few days enjoying the water but then apparently a ranger came over and told the group after us it was sacred and kicked them out rather rudely. We encountered a ranger while we were in the river but I was picking up garbage so maybe that's why he was so cool.
  14. Yeah.. it was so nice today and right now. It's perfect. If anyone is considering a day trip. DO IT!! The dunes are great and the weather is amazing.
  15. If I self quarantine for 2 weeks can you two adopt me?
  16. That was the closest my little camper has ever been to getting blown over! It has been raining lightly but pretty consistently for about 45 minutes and looks like another 20 or so. It shouldn't be too bad by tomorrow if it stops soon. So expect some fairly wet sand! People are not distancing very well in their camps. Definitely looks like many groups of more than 10. Rigs are very close together.
  17. It was in great condition last night! Best I have seen.
  18. Looks like it might be pretty windy on Tuesday but we were planning on Wednesday. Do it!! I can stay longer if it's fun cause Vegas has nothing to offer right now.
  19. I'll be out there in the morning! No real plans to ride, just want to enjoy some nice weather and great views with my dogs. If anyone wants to camp close enough to share a fire let me know. I'm serious about distancing but I think camping completely alone would be boring.
  20. Is it open and all good? Google Maps is showing it as closed.
  21. People are still going even though there's rain right? Two of my friends have canceled so far.
  22. Thanks for the info and tips, guys! Super important info.
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