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  1. Can this car be tuned to 91 pump gas?
  2. I'm in ! This coming weekend will determine if I get to sit at the adult table or the back of the ride Rosa Parks RZR guy table lol !
  3. Does anyone know anything about Elite Sandrails ? Going to look at one but I can't find out much online. Apparently there was an Elite out of Artesia, Ca run by a guy named Dario. Another Elite company was by Wayne out of Artesia, Ca. And then there is an Elite that built desert race cars. Google and YouTube have nothing.
  4. Lost my Dune Therapy extra lenses, bag and strap in the dunes yesterday. If found i would appreciate their return.
  5. Damn ! Wasn't ready for the first pic of Pete cheesin lol. Looks like you all had a good time. I camped outside the circle with my side by side. The W was bad on Saturday and I rolled it up today early. Hopefully next year it gets back to the the regular DDR camp. That shizz is too much fun. Awesome that this went down under the circumstances.
  6. I like the DDR one. It was cool back in the day when there were DDR stickers and t-shirts. They started a lot of conversations between strangers.
  7. I found one of the production companies hand held radios over there. Called the number on it. The guy said he will have the folks who had it checked out give me a call. If they dont get ahold of me he is going to charge them for it Update: The film crew guy called. Sending it his way tomorrow
  8. Maybe get Sandy a man for this year's shenanigans !
  9. As the title says, found clutch cover breather hose for RZR . Approx. 3 feet long and 3" diameter, waffle style. If you lost one pm me and we can figure out how to get it back to you.
  10. We will be there, count is 2. Look forward to doing this again as it's been a couple of years ! The three I have attended were a good time. Will elf on the shelf be going on ?
  11. Found someone's clutch breather hose from a RZR. I'm west of the rockpile in the middle open area, red GMC flatbed with a white Genisis fifth wheel.
  12. Wanted to start a thread about what vendors will be out. Vendors or anyone with knowledge of vendors coming out please post up. I like to know who's going to be there so I can plan a meal, buy some gear, etc and help support those who come out.
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