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  1. Ugh.. I guess you could screenshot it and post but meh. Was one of them a sparkly new iPhone?? My friend lost it the weekend before. Did anyone find my mustard?
  2. Great pics and writeup. Sad we had to miss it. I wonder how many phones the cleanup crew found!
  3. My friend lost her new iPhone by Comp Hill. It has a sparkly case.
  4. Good news! So Skippy and Mark drove around with the key fob and found the truck on the second try. They were camped just on the other side of a finger dune like a couple hundred yards away. The plan was to fk with them when they came back to their truck by hiding and making the truck beep n stuff and then give their keys back but we kept looking for a few hours and never saw them. I posted online and we put a sticky note on their door after our last ride of the night. Later, when we're all getting silly we saw a huge fire on the hill so I hopped on a dirtbike to go check it out. Ended up seeing the truck n trailer turned on ready to go so I hauled balls over to them. Complete shock!! They're from San Jose and lost the keys a couple days prior and had to go through hell to get a replacement. They also blew a tire on a different vehicle on the entrance road and walked in to find it in the dark. Yikes! They were stoked we didn't go inside their trailer or steal their sh*t so they gave us tons of fireworks! It was awesome. We picked up the fireworks remains the next day, got some good rides in, and went home. Excited for clean up weekend!
  5. I'm crappy at taking pics but more should come out after more people get back tomorrow.
  6. Text 702-743-8364 or come to our camp by c8 on the map. Things to look for, 5 toy haulers, tiki torches, smudge pots, blue Tatum sandrail, red and blue crazy wrapped F350, big ass inflatable raft, hot pink jetski.
  7. I don't know for sure yet but it is usually around C8 on the grid map. We're doing a themed party for one of the guy's bday and it'll be Lake Day at The Dunes so we're gonna look ridiculous. Our camp isn't gonna be the most kid friendly camp ever.. just a heads up!!
  8. Whoops it is old lol! We will be there with a rail. Couple friends have RZRs.
  9. We will be out there Friday morning until Sunday evening.
  10. My friend made a video about it using that blog and retraced their final steps. She makes all sorts of videos showing the valleys, hot springs, and hidden cabins around here. I've been trying to get her out to Dumont.
  11. I thought it was a Samsung but it powered up and said Stylo. It uses the different Android charger. It was cracked but functional! Found it on Sunset hill on Monday evening. Couldn't get into anything to find any owner's info so I charged it up and left it at the Ranger's station.
  12. You found it? I found a blue Galaxy S8 or something. Took it to ranger's station. *edit* sorry I think it was an LG phone.
  13. Thanks for the updates!! We're either leaving tonight or in the morning. Should be pretty windy Friday until evening. Ugh I wanna get out there!!
  14. That was night time at Comp right? I'd love to see the video from when they were coming back in to park and your man said "keep goin!" And they blasted through and went back for more. That was so great!
  15. I will be out there with Skippy and 2 - 7 friends. Getting there before dark on Friday hopefully! So excited!
  16. Helmet wandered away from our chairs in front of the trailer at the camp during Buggy Roundup. It's a men's red helmet size is XL.
  17. I'll be there with Skippy and the Sand Freak car unless our crew convinces us to go to Glamis. Just got back from Dumont yesterday and the wind was picking up and people were starting to arrive.
  18. If anyone ended up with a size XL red and black helmet, let me know! It wandered off of one of our chairs.
  19. Anyone going out this weekend? 

  20. I tried to get all the buggies in one photo. What an awesome day!
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