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  1. Whoa! It's been for ever fellow duners. I have the new motor in and hope i can come out for either Presidents or The Clean Up. Have fun, Be safe. "Lefty"
  2. True that! I can easily go through 80-100 gals. in two ta three days
  3. Pretty good video I think. That chic was really good.
  4. I dont think I'll be doing to much night driving this Halloween weekend (atleast in the hills) im just gonna be hanging in the flats for the trips to Comp. to watch the crazy's. Any followers?
  5. Here I am! I couldn't remember my log in name for the longet time so i finally emailed and got it. Still have my car and I will be out there for halloween.
  6. My .45 and my Avatar sleep by my side every night out there.
  7. I wasn't sure if that car still ran?! Are you really gonna take it in the dirt! :shout:
  8. I will try and make it to volunteer if the tranny in my car is still alive after Halloween
  9. Yes Robby does race a 8100 truck(stock full) and I am his Co-rider. The 8100(8131) truck actually is owend by Mike Alden who allows Robby and I to drive/ride for him. Yes that is the old Lightforce truck
  10. I second that, the cars are bullet proof it's just to bad some of the components can't hang with the car. oh well, that's racing
  11. Yeah it's REALLY sick right now! Since it has no tranny Sorry Tricky, I had to.
  12. Stop by Woolworth and talk to Robby he will HOOK you up. Tell him Lefty sent you. 434-5518
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