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king of the hill

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  1. were you over by banshee hill at about noon on sunday????
  2. banshee hill is open to everyone, brag'n that you went there with v8 power to race quads????? nuff said
  3. no really, I seen the planes fly'n over that way and everything!!! LOL Oh and, GOOD MORNING
  4. chase'n quads up banshee hill in a clapped out jeep with parts fly'n off is like going over to the high school and play'n basket ball, gett'n whoop'd then going over to the grade school so you can be the tallest kid there
  5. If you are Rid'n a cr500, as always you can do anything you want!!!! LOL
  6. yep, they flew in some special sand there that can only support a thousand pounds. anymore and it crush's the grains. the sand accually came from a deserted beach, next time you are out there taste it, it's salty
  7. WTF!!!! am I reading this right!!!! Is this an inside joke post waiting for someone like me to rant!!!! first off, I know that you take great care of your stuff cause you put in the post that you ran all day with your plug falling out. makes me wonder if you ever check out your equipment to make sure if it's safe Second, you brag about running your clapped out jeep up banshee hill chasing down some quads!!! I don't think everyone was look'n at you think'n ,WOW this guy is cool!!! they started banshee hill to race quads!!!!!! thats why they call it banshee hill!!!! third, C.A.M.P.!!!!! = Cruise At Moderate Pace !!!!!!! doing second gear wheelies thru camp????????? then wad'n up out of controll!!!!!????? do you really think when you are wheelie'n thru peoples camp they are think'n WOW, look at him, he can second gear wheelie wish I could do that, I think it's more like WTF, look at this asz clown sturrn up dirt!!! OK, rant over, I know you guys are a laughing your as'z off I know, no one really was that lame to wheelie thru other peoples camps and think that it was cool, this is my I think you are cool look when you wheelie thru my camp
  8. I quit drink'n in 86, now that I don't have to buy attorneys new cars and toys, I can buy for my family
  9. ok, This is how it is for me, I buy all my hondas and kawi's from brett on boulder I buy all my yamahas and polaris's from mark on craig I buy all my joyners from jim, dirt addictions I buy all my dirt bike parts and gear from sams I buy all my quad parts and gear from atv cycle sports i buy all my buggy parts from butch's speed I buy all my car trailers from carson, loren or his wife I buy all my enclosed trailers from big bubba's I buy all my propane from funnys on rancho (he has a busa car) I buy all my gas from the rebel on craig and the 95 I buy all my tacos from jack, 2 for 99 cents I buy all my burritos from dell taco
  10. seems like those used to break alot about 4 or 5 years ago, I hardly ever hear of it lately new ones must be improved, i think I have gear one, could be wrong but they have never broke
  11. i think thats what they do, sell bikes and quads! I've bought probley 20 units from them, allways got a good deal, did my homework first. anyway not say'n I'll buy there next, but will give them a shot
  12. how was the fuel injection? did you notice much differance from your other car{carb}
  13. put some pictures up, i'm keeping my car
  14. called me ten times to say he was comming, didn't call once to say he wasn't just never heard anything, it wasn't really for sale, I told him if he was standing there with cash in hand we could talk, he dug up a add that the guy I bough it from was running also I ran it for sale on hot boat as a joke
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