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  1. I usually split the cost with a friend since we rarely, if ever, go out at the same time and if we do it's in the same vehicle... does the above^^ mean that's not possible anymore?
  2. Putting my YFZ back up for sale. I've moved to Texas and have no need for it down here. I put a venom piston in it before I moved and bumped the compression up to 12.25/1 still 91 compatible. But you will have to change the main jet up higher and possibly change the front sprocket. DDR price $3500, craigslist price $4500.... Just sittin in a friends garage up there, need it sold. Cam mod Full set sand tires on wheels; itp sandstars on front, skat trak xtremes on rear Full set dirt tires on wheels, maxxis holeshot HE all around Sand whip for quad Flag for truck Thunder alley exhaust Fci full intake with airbox eliminator Hot cams intake cam Hot cams full shim kit Trailtech computer w/light fixtures Venom 12.25/1 piston (still 91 octane compatible) Asking $3500 from DDR members only Will add pictures soon
  3. Haven't been on DDR for quite some time so tonight is the first time I've heard of this. Only met Al a few times, but seemed like one of the nicest guys around, especially draggin fresh food out to banshee hill for all of us crazies at the night drags a few years back.... My condolences to his family. R.I.P.
  4. About 120ft in the air looking down a 45° angle for training tonight.
  5. Beautiful looking car! Hidden compartment eh? learing a little something from all those Coyotes you catch!
  6. Awesome pics and write up you two! Looks like it was the perfect day for a summer trip! Man, the more pictures I see of Dumont the more I miss it!
  7. I'm lost. Does anyone have a picture of these "devil" bugs or is it like the Chupacabra?
  8. On Thursdays I get to play!
  9. In that case I wouldn't use a car one either (garmin/tomtom) I know sports authority in Henderson by costco had some nice rugged ones I was looking at for my dad for when he goes hunting in Ak.
  10. Its called Gaia GPS.... when I saw it it was the free app of the day on amazon. It's $10 normally. I didn't get it, but check it out, might work for you.
  11. Hey Pete I saw an app on amazon last week that had downloadable gps/topographical maps so that when you didn't have service you could still use the maps. Just download the map or whatever route and then be on your way. I'll see if I can find the name for it.
  12. Dude! That thing looks sick!
  13. What you need to do Pete is hollow out a giant outdated telephoto lense to hide your pocket beers in!
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