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  1. I also agree. Why isn't the manufactures of atv's fighting the "war"? This is only going to stop sales and effect their bottom line too. Maybe DDR can get involved and bring this to the attention of the manufactures and show them they are going to loose sales. Only then will they see are point when money is showed as a loss. Just a thought.
  2. I have service. But, I can tell you, when a cell company offers a special and every one runs there the service suffers!
  3. Horrible! Prayers are with the family :praying:
  4. First offense is a slap on the wrist. :freakin_nuts:
  5. Good question! I did mine about 6 months ago?
  6. Over paid by $600 I bet? He doubled it.
  7. Thanks. Well look for a puppy. Wont replace her, but, a new start.
  8. Thanks buddy! I usually go to the feed place and give them myself. They are $6 I think.
  9. I do. I have an older daughter and I thought "maybe" she would see a grand kid. Sigh. My child hood dog did. Saw my daughter.
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