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  1. Lost on 12-26 or 27th between batroom 3 and 11.
  2. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas day. Im heading that way tomorrow for the rest of the week and cant wait.
  3. Hey all. A bunch of us are heading out on Pres weekend and we are going to bring are bikes along. We are gonna leave the knobies on for hard pack stuff. I have heard stories of this Date Farm and was wondering if it is possible to ride to it from dumont. Thanks David.
  4. So, it looks like the only good place for your pole is up your own Opps I am sorry didn't mean to type that. Get the hint.
  5. Man i'm jealous. Wish I could day trip it like you guys do, i'd be there for sure. 4 hours 1 way is just a bit much for a day trip. Glad you guys had fun.
  6. Sounds fun i'll try and make that run. Might as well use them lights seeing that i paid for them huh.
  7. Amen brother!!! No trash cans. I can see them overflowing now and looking like a small city dump out there. Like the Pres said, PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT.
  8. Count the Sparky's in, sounds like fun.
  9. Awesome Pete. I am glad I got turned on to DDR. Great people, can't wait for next season. :mc_smiley:
  10. Nice ride Joe. Hope to catch a ride with you one day, I wanna see if all the talk is true. Congrats.
  11. Awesome job guys. Wish I could have been there to help you all.
  12. That turned out awesome. Makes me wanna get a hood on mine. Sweet!!
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ No we were not camped with them. They all pulled in on Sunday evening and Monday morning. My buddy (the one with purple DTD) new one of the guys in the camp. We just rolled up on them out at comp and started checking out there equipment. Since Casey Mears is a native Bakersfiled boy like me, I am of course a fan of his. I BSed with him for a minute about his car and got a quick flick. Travis and Paul Tracy ran each other up comp a couple of times. WOW!! Awesome horsepower.
  14. It sure was a good weekend out there. We stayed from Friday till Monday. Great weather and not crowded at all. Plus I got to check out how the rich folks roll. Talk about sweet rigs, and those guys can drive just as good on dirt as they do on the road. Very cool to watch. P.S. the last pic is not one of those sweet rigs I was refering to as I am sure you know.
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