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  1. hey jay send me a pm when you get a date thanks Roy
  2. man tough crowd over here i was going to get on and have some fun but you guys are tough on us four stroke guys mine just a single 700 but i had alot of fun running you 2strokes.The green beast just keeps getting faster.Jay love the color combo
  3. well be out there racing brice stop by say hi
  4. Well the green machine is coming but we will still be there for some rides some people can't get stuff back on time
  5. minurbiz that sucks and ktm outlaw it is all in fun.its all about meeting new people and having a good time
  6. Cant wait for this weekend. Hows yours.Been a while since i got to just hangout see you all out there
  7. Ktm outlaw you must have been drunk when you said slay some raptors.we will be there from about 7:00 on look for the green and polished raptor it wants some lol
  8. I will be there i still owe dunefreak some beer and i will have my slow 4 poke single cylinder unlike bruce.
  9. Hey livetodrag im going to try and be there just changing some stuff so if its done i will be there.For us four poke guys
  10. im having a damn issue with my hd not wanting to upload to my computer and i was goig out that morning to do testing a buddy called the day before and told me about it.if i here again i willlet you know.soon as i get this problem figured out i will post.
  11. the wife has a few videos i will get put up tomorrow they had a light tower and all it was a good night of racing
  12. hey had a good time out there the little four poke didn't do to bad even with a blown head gasket goo to meet you jay
  13. me and my little 4 poke will come make a couple passes
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