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    YFZ450, KX85, Polaris Ranger 700
    Chevy 3500, 40' Weekend Warrior 5th wheel
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    Owner/ BK Solutions LLC
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    Dunes in the winter, lake in the summer...

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  1. It's my honor to have been a small part of your life, RIP Bert!
  2. Glad your OK Dave!!!!!! Long time no see.............
  3. Gonna make sure my check liver light still works and stay on the lake!!!!!!
  4. Happy Valentines to me!!!!! (Everyone is ok) Jeep for sale LOL
  5. So much has changed since I seen you guys last, would love to catch up.... I'll try for the next one....
  6. Sad, I hope everyone reading takes the time to be safe and set an example on future trips, for future friends & future duners.... R.I.P.
  7. Hard to even look at that pic and imagine what they are going through.... RIP
  8. Painted the ranger blue, getting a new cage put on..... no more pink!
  9. Gonna be indalake for the weekend

  10. I'm allways in my driveway with a beer! c'mon over
  11. Working in Hendo enjoying the view...
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