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  1. we will have a pretty big group out there. Over by 3.
  2. I Beleive there was a way from Sperry Wash, but i think you have to go down a gravel Road, that is considered non-OHV. I also heard there were people calling the cops on OHV riders.
  3. I ran 10 psi today on 91, will be running 11 on 91 most of the time. Can go 14psi on race if i chose to.
  4. I just got my motor work done on the RZR... MORE BOOST=MORE POWER I am in... leaving Thursday Night or afternoon depending on how antsy i get to shut the shop down and head out. dunefreak & duniemonkie jordanhiggins2002 raspadoo BearsZX72 Firecracker DuNe~Rydher dentboy maddogaboo painterjoe bp-guy Lou B Krusty Mike @ GTP OFF ROAD Creepynewguy Jakster884-maybe fstteddy+3 Quadrockets JoeDuner Brandon Buff Sandjoker29- day trip GO BIG OR GO HOME​ Adam @ GTP Off Road
  5. this was just a test run to see how it would do in the dunes. we weren't sure how it would do around the dunes. This drone could record for about 10-15 minutes, and has a top speed of 23mph. It's not easy to go 23mph... lol The speed is why i was looping around, and avoiding crashing it into a dune is why i stayed in the small area. There are so many possibilites with this. This was at 50 feet up. I think it could be safe to use it lower, making some parts look cooler. It was pretty damn fun, but i was bummed it didn't get the wheelies i pulled in the RZR. it was behind us.
  6. we have some at our shop, we don't give them away, but they aren't too expensive. They are all smaller-ish ones. We have them on vendor Row out there also.
  7. i've been trying to enjoy cool weather going all over the west coast it feels like. It was cool at St. Anthony, but it's been hot out all summer. With a summer full of toy hauler issues, and the new RZR, i am looking forward to some peaceful, easy Dumont time. I think we have talk of a trip on the 16th-18th, but will see how that goes.
  8. i'm very interested to see one, and hoping to get a chance to drive one. I love Yamaha. But, I think this thing is straight up FUGLY. The listed travel on the suspension is close to the RZR but so is the Maverick. The Maverick suspension isn't as good as the XP1000. It is very close, and most people that have the Maverick aren't complaining that i have heard. I still don't think the YXZ will ride as good as a RZR, and a RZR with the rebuild kit will most likely smoke it... This is all my opinion of course. I believe the motor is proven and should be a solid piece, but time will tell if the transmission and clutch will end up holding up. Yamaha (and others) say they have been tesing for 2 years so i think (being Yamaha not Polaris) that their testing resulted in a good product. We will see. The Power claims seem to have been proven wrong, with pulls only getting in the low 80s. That isn't much more then a 2015 XP1000. hoping more information comes out on that. I love the step forward of sequential shifting, but for whatever reason the Yamaha just doesn't have me all jazzed up about it. I'll be happy if i'm proven wrong. It will have to be crazy badd a$$ to get me to sell my RZR with everything I have done to it know, but another strong product in the market can do nothing but help us and what we do. I'm still surprised that we didn't see Yamaha at the UTV Invasion in Idaho. I was really hoping for a look there. If they are good, then I'll have one on my list to get as a desert ride. My RZR is for dunes.
  9. looks like the rear suspension isn't good. Won't be able to compete with RZR, Maverick, or wildcat. They could be targeting the trail market more also.
  10. i wasn't expecting to be impressed. the photos sure don't make it look cool. 112hp with Manual could be ok, but depending on weight, even with manual may still not be enough for the dunes. Still no idea what the suspension is. That will be a huge deciding factor in how it will do. You don't see too many Wild Cats out there as most don't like the way they look. Yamaha might be in the same boat. Manual could be a cool push of the market. Still don't know the price either....
  11. i guess you gotta do something when your Artic Cat has been in the shop for as long as his has.... Seems like a decent way to spend some time.
  12. I'm just doing 12v, with cheap controller. most I have seen is 19 amps, at coral pink a few weeks ago. 400w at full power is almost impossible without sun tracking, you never get full sun on the panels for make full power. 12v system with mppt is what I am planning on doing. The inverter should have a switch built in to auto transfer for inverter use. I installed an Auto switch to transfer only from Gen power and Shore power. The autoswitch is $100 and it's not hard to put in overall. They need some space and the wire to make it work. Most Newer RV come with the transfer switch for Shore/ Gen. Since the Inverter would have the transfer you would be good. You have to buy a Grid tie inverter, you can't just by any inverter. there is a difference in ground tie to Neutral and not. Take a look at the Xantrex and Magnum inverters. I got the Xantrex 3012 Pure Sine. Pure sine is best for all the electronics today.
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