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  1. Nice pics, so disappointed I didnt make it..Should be ready for the next one!
  2. A good tire to start off with would be like a Sand Tires Unlimited 21x12x8 Padla Brat 6 paddle rear, or a Skat Trak 21x10x8 6 or 7 paddle Hauler. If you want a V type paddle I would go with a Sand Tires Unlimited Sand Skate 1. 21x12x8. For more drag racing type application 22x11x8 6 paddle ULTRA Lite Hauler. For the fronts I would get 21x8x10 Skat Trak Mohawks
  3. Selling a pair of 21x12x8 Comp Cut Sand Tires Unlimited 6 cup Padla Brats on 8x7 Blue labels 4x115. They are painted black. If you don't want wheels I will do $180 shipped or $250 shipped with wheels. I can get better pics tonight.
  4. I will be there dont u worry lol..Mike has threatened to go too.
  5. Yeah it was a sweet build but hey...Now I have this one to play around with..Lil 06 Sleeper Looks so unassuming sitting there doesnt it lol
  6. All Stock Parts OEM Radiator..$65 shipped OBO OEM SubFrame $100 Shipped OBO OEM Steering Stem $65 Shipped OBO OEM Seat $70 Shipped OBO
  7. That is a killer deal. Thats Dannys old YFZ...
  8. The new SXS's are very fast, even stock and can get you in alot of trouble fast if you dont know what you are doing. Very sad to hear about
  9. I have some parts to sell...I can ship them if needed New 660 based CP 102mm(686) Piston W/Rings and Clips..SOLD New 660 based Complete Rocker Arms..Sold Used 660 based Stage 3 Hotcam..SOLD Used 2 Douglas Rattlesnake 12x7 4/110 wheels..$55
  10. I smiled for my mugshot Jus sayin
  11. Before I even clicked on the link, I figured it was Bieber
  12. Whoaaaaa!!! Tier 1 infraction. If you would refer to chapter 2 section 3.2 paragraph 4 of the rules and regulations on humor and sarcasm in the classifieds then you would have known that kind of behavior is frowned upon by the local thread trolls lmfao!! You have been warned hahahaha...Take your internetting more serious!!!!!
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