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  1. Nice pics, so disappointed I didnt make it..Should be ready for the next one!
  2. A good tire to start off with would be like a Sand Tires Unlimited 21x12x8 Padla Brat 6 paddle rear, or a Skat Trak 21x10x8 6 or 7 paddle Hauler. If you want a V type paddle I would go with a Sand Tires Unlimited Sand Skate 1. 21x12x8. For more drag racing type application 22x11x8 6 paddle ULTRA Lite Hauler. For the fronts I would get 21x8x10 Skat Trak Mohawks
  3. I will be there dont u worry lol..Mike has threatened to go too.
  4. Yeah it was a sweet build but hey...Now I have this one to play around with..Lil 06 Sleeper Looks so unassuming sitting there doesnt it lol
  5. The new SXS's are very fast, even stock and can get you in alot of trouble fast if you dont know what you are doing. Very sad to hear about
  6. I smiled for my mugshot Jus sayin
  7. Before I even clicked on the link, I figured it was Bieber
  8. Are these better/ lighter than STU tires or Skat traks? Or a cheaper alternative? Just wondering
  9. Everyone just needs to slow down and do a couple runs to scout out the witch eyes. Halloween changed my whole out look on what matters most and thats making it home to your fam in one peice. I always say we will go on a slow ride then im pinned in 5th. It really doesnt matter how experienced you are it only takes one mistake. I learned that on our summer day trip. One lapse in judgement is all it takes. Gotta be more careful out there
  10. YFZ over the Raptor all day for me. Ive owned both. A 80hp 734 Raptor and numerous Yfz's over the years. Pete is right, its 100% personal preference. The engine in the Raptor is something special for sure. Problem for me was its just a heavy quad and you get in some technical stuff it will kick your a$$. I also had a +6 swingarm on it too so it was like driving a super fast stretched limo lol. Just wasnt for me. Loved the engine though but at the end of the day the YFZ is my preference. Long travel YFZ is the business
  11. A few haha(4)..I still have my green one.
  12. It runs very well for what it is. Its just a stockbore pump gas engine, 07 head, stock cams, CRF carb, Pro Design style airbox eliminator, with a Woods Shorty I made. Its pretty quick. But the best part about it is its a very light setup and with the width and suspension it handles amazing. Its very easy to ride at a fast clip with little effort.
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