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  1. this is what true friends are for im the one with the 12 gauge, please leave feed back http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ts6q4NbRoME
  2. you might want to check the airraitor on the sink, its the little filter thing on the neck if it gets clogged with sediment water wont come threw it i think that is your problem. you can ususally unscrew it with some channel locks or a pair of plyers
  3. I was seeing if anyone is going out there for the last weekend before the new seaon kicks off??
  4. Packed up and ready to go plan. Leaving vegas at 7 am friday morning hope to meet a few ddr peeps out there have a safe weekend
  5. I dont remeber putting my stapler over there eve,r she needs to stop moving my stuff.
  6. What i heard of last night when the owner came over to thank him again he told us they opened up the garage and there where a bunch of more stolen orv in the garage. If you have had some stuff stole you might want to call metro and find out if any of the belongings have pop up. There was mild damage to the trailer, but not to bad.
  7. To let you know that the stuff from this flyer was all recovered today by a fellow dumont dunner, he saw this flyer last saturday sitting in a local quad shop, being he drives the town all day he saw this trailer sitting on the side of some ones house, come to find out the person took a vin number off another trailer and put it on the one that was stolen. The trailer was found off of Blue Dimond and Jones. This is when the dunner people look out each other because we would never like this to happen to us!
  8. I am leaving early friday mornig see some of you up there
  9. here is my life all in one phone
  10. Saturday morning leaving vegas around 7am just for the day roll out be for it gets too hot, hope it is not too windy!!
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