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  1. I had a very nice time.Got to meet some new faces and chat awhile it was a lot of fun.
  2. AGREED ,However I need liquid courage to dune with her ..She scares the crap outta me LOL
  3. Hmm trying to clear my throat.....As I think you know I need new tires
  4. Jan 23 9AM TO 3pm I have a fenced lot about 4 blocks down the street to put the trailers its a half acre so I think it will be large enough.. If not we will work it out.. Making flyers up tomorrow I hope and will have some dropped of at butch's shop and post online.. Hope we get a good turn out.. Will post up more as soon as I figure it out.. Capt...Posting under my wifes name
  5. Prayers for Chris's fast recovery....
  6. That's just awful I am so sorry to hear that and if you are sending care packages please let us know the family sizes and we can all help out ....Very sad..
  7. his name is Dallas ....This has been a very rough day....Hope and pray it gets better..
  8. It wasnt you that I bought a cv from... unless you smoke cigars... then well that was last season... It was the Night of Steves wifes birthday and I was told that Phil was in bed and not to bother him but.. he had a cv and it wasnt cheap... but he had it... and then tried to charge me 15 bucks for the little package of grease that came with the pack lol Whatever... its only money CApt
  9. So did anyone go ....I did and it scared the crap outta me LOL
  10. I was very excited to hear about this and soo were my kids that didn't want to go to dumont this time so that they could go to haunted houses..... I personally will be bringing my two kids there and whoever in my camp that wants to go..
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