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  1. Let’s start a new thing! Largest group ride thru the dunes. Saturday 10am Thanksgiving weekend start at vendor row line up 9:45 like we did for that parade leaving promptly at 10:00am for a “Long dune ride” not for slow cars ending at North Pole. Whoever is the best known leader can lead. Let’s get hundreds of cars,sxs,etc...
  2. Dunefreak sorry I’m not understanding so if you were coming from ranger station go to vendor row continue thru it to far end and stage up there. Does that work? Internet service will be bad so hopefully this will come together.
  3. Jsluder! So I’m the one with the other event on Facebook if we can meet at vendor row on the far end away from the dunes at 1030 leaving at 11:00 slow parade to comp and then hot lap parade to wherever you wanna go next for those that wish to continue. That’s the most simple way I figure we can combine these two events.
  4. 2 parades??? I’ve started another one a while back starting at 11:00 on sat meetup at 10:30 Far end of vendor row can we get together on this?
  5. Just looking for friends of Bill W. For a meetup Halloween and other weekends?
  6. Manx style buggy beautiful pearl green paint 2276 cc engine with 48 IDA's computer fife ignition full flow case very fast car. Transmission geared tall so it cruises on the freeway at any speed. Roll cage stereo new battery brakes shocks drives nice. Currently registered and insured clean nv title. Will consider trade for jeep or Suzuki sidekick 4 seater side by side or something like them. No junk. No tire kickers or low ballers this car is clean use to be a show car winner. 702-845-7204.
  7. 34' Tahoe transport 5th wheel toy hauler has all options including 120 gallon freshwater fuel station rooftop mounted RV satellite dish.. Everything works in really good condition books for 13,000 I am selling it for 8000.00. Steve 702-845-7204
  8. i had a great time racing anybody that i could sat night @ comp so thanks to all that ran it was nuts dunefreak we spoke for a minute in the dunes i was in my wifes car good to see ya !!!
  9. just thought i'd bring this thread up again to anybodys judgement on how this car runs after seeing it on new years weekend??? :chug:
  10. thanks guys you all were very nice to me too thanks for the ride etc.. hope to run with you again whatta great weekend!!!
  11. wow this has been fun lol anyways i will try to find your ddr camp to set up a ride for sunday if thats cool cause i need 1 day to pre run the dunes to see the pattern etc... or please look for me anynight @ comp usually park towards the north and 3 rows back at comp. will be hanging with my bro and his brand new tom pro busa mini rail
  12. :xmas4: ok guys we can do better than this huh!!! but just know one thing i'll break my car into 9 pieces to win a race. is anyone else willing to do that or is the main concern keeping them pretty cars nice.. but if i loose i'll buy the beer and shake your hand .. and to make it more interesting how about an embarrassing bet like holding a loser sign or wearing wifes panties or whatever????now i know this will stir up the ...
  13. its very simple on the bottom of your carb there is a selonoid unscrew it the bowl might come out too no bigge ,anyways take that selonoid apart and clean it that will fix it if you can dune then you can do this...trust yourself
  14. thanks ynot yes no straight lines run the dunes like a road race course,i bet that funco car wants to run to north pole via flats with with whoops, crap i'll let my wife race him there with her car if he wants to take the girly route!!!!!!!! :porn:
  15. :gayboy: ok guys i knew my statements would rile everybody up but the moral to the story is the car is for sale and i'd like anybody interested to watch the car run at dumont comp hill to see what its made of. thanks for all the fun chat, see you all there. steve. p.s. i usually hang out with a bunch of busa cars and my wife's car which is that wicked looking black single seat r-1 powered mini rail, if you guys remember the one that went over comp hill at night @ 50 mph last year and we all went over the other side expecting to find a body but what we found was my inexperienced wife laughing with 3 blown tires, and no she is still not allowed to go up at night
  16. : your 100% right i have almost no suspension so i can't run through the whoops so i stay over to the right where the fast rails always run and been doing that for 20 years i did'nt just buy a car yesterday!! and keep in mind that stugot car (which is a very nice car) weighs about 2000 lbs. ever heard about power to weight ratio???? :xmas1: you wanna ride ??
  17. ok like a friend suggested in this thread wanna go for a ride???? :xmas1:
  18. oop's i spoke to soon it looks like a friend posted a pic of my rail in this thread
  19. oop's i left something out the car is very duneable so i'll bring that $1000.00 see you sat morning where????? :xmas1:
  20. anyone see that old school car run on sat night thanksgiving weekend the car is insanely fast, only beat by that orange rear engine dragster car.well that guy is me i'll be there on new years weekend also so anybody wanna race???? car is a big turboed 2213 vw with built trans.car is stupid fast it scared me that sat night when it stood straight up in 4th gear at the top of comp probably 90 to 100 mph when it came down i lost controll and spun out so i did it 3 more times losing controll every time it came down from the wheel stand until the last time when i blew the tire of the bead. so im selling the car im getting to old for this car but ill be using it until it sells.see ya there... steve
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