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  1. I have a 06 wr250f and i want to up the compression to 14:1. will it last if i do this ? other mods are stage 2 cams, porting and the carb has been rejeted also have a 10 map ignition system.
  2. Big Red pull the comerical fifthwheel off and put a rv fifth on it and register it as a rv.If it has three axle you need to have the one pulled and have it down rated to haul less. You will need a class A drivers license with a air brake indorsment for it and you will need to put not for hire on it. the are differant for people that have a class A. Speeding with that truck will get you a nice ticket the last one I got for 65 mph was 300 bucks had a friend that got a dui not in the truck and lost his class A. Good luck
  3. Pete as a goverment employee they can not take a gift larger than 10 dollars at a time. so if all the DDr people goat onr time and each one hand then 10 dollars each it is not a gift. Or if it is handed to them and told it was found than they have to psot it for 30 day and if not clamed than they can keep it. but if they are being paied by the BLM and are retired they might have to clam it on taxes as income. hop this helps sean
  4. be there saturday :6pak: hope to see some of the DDR peeps
  5. So I called Bruce at CBM and got the computer and wireing harness. It took all of ten minits to hook up and the car started on the first hit of the switch and does it sound good. next is to have it dinoed and tuned at CBM and play with it for a few week and then pull it down and put new heads and cam in it for next season. CBM is the best I have worked with :dance:
  6. Anybody use pcm's harnes and computer ? I got it with the motor I bought and it is a pice of chit. I called Jeff and can't get any help from him so going to throw it in the trash and buy a full setup from CBM
  7. barneycar


    how is your ecm monted in your car ? I now with nuts and bolts
  8. the trailer is nice but we use it for more than going to the sand and cant get in to the parks. but building your own trailer would be a great way to go put a couple of pop outs on it and you would have a ton of room.
  9. going to remove the first axle. don't need the pull rate of the truck. yep I did check it out got a quote for 600 a year on the truck so thats not to bad . That trailer is bad a$$ how much is it?????????
  10. SailAway, let me now how or what we can do to help and we will be glad to do what we can. I will get some raffle prizes together and P.M you with what we have and how to get it to you last year we gave the things to Dunefreak. Thinking this year front rims
  11. On the one I did I ran the lines along the frame to the trailing armes and then got some steel breaded lines to the calapers
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