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  1. Coral pink was the plan but that doesn't look good. So dumont it may be.
  2. Nope. The car is still out getting the new motor and trans put in. See you guys President's day.
  3. Thanks for the report. Bummer we missed this year .
  4. Well yes it has been, after Thanksgiving weekend the rail had a trans leak broken nose cone.Unfortunately I had come down with bronchitis which would last 3 weeks, followed by stomach flu for another week. Finally feeling better for a week and another round of bronchitis but this time the doctors prescribed everything.So meds for another 2 weeks and finally healthy again. So now time to take the rail to the shop fix the nose cone and few other items. See you all presidents day weekend.
  5. That sounds painful. Hope you heal quickly.
  6. We will be coming thursday over by bathroom 10 and the first finger.
  7. we have a camp chef 3 burner and love it.
  8. If it is the plates that bolt the frame look up the template to install it. i installed my 5th wheel hitch and it's a slider.
  9. It is back together, we went president's day had zero problems.
  10. We're done for the season made 5 trips had a great time. Learning curve this season with the rail. Probably make the june run.
  11. i contacted anthony to contact you
  12. We will be there tested the car yesterday after replacing all the broken parts from the roll over.
  13. You can purchase those jacks at kartek.com type in jack in the search box
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