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    Raptor 660, yz 250,R1, zxi 900, skidooGTI, Rhino, 650 Jet SkI, F-250
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    My Interests consist of chicks, ufc, riding dirt, sand, street or water and anything outdoors.

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  1. Sherwin williams has it with clear already mixed in a shakem can.
  2. Well it seems as Metro and Henderson police are also curious to where jeff is currently sleeping at, as a few detectives have been asking a few of the shops in town if they know where he is.
  3. I was driving to St George on Sat around 10am and was passed by several metro cars and under covers at aboout 120mph near the race track. When we got to Apex there wasabout 10 cars there and a helicopter flying around, does anyone know what was going on?
  4. If you want a used slip on I have one I will give you, I thnk it is a two brothers and not to loud.
  5. I will be going out on the 1st of July to mark out 2 acres with concrete stakes so if you need a spot let me know and we will try and help you out as it has benn busy there the last three weekends in a row.
  6. With the stock rears on front and the haulers on back you can go anywhere in 2wd, you would be suprised. When you going too sand hollow? I will be there on mem day
  7. I used the stock rears for the front on mine and scat tracs on rear. I have a set of stock fronts if you want them let me know.
  8. The noise does not bother me but only others around me I do have a problem with the Flange bending when hott and in the process of making them out of steel or can you buy a diffrent flange?
  9. looks good Tanner, when did you guys go out to sand hollow?
  10. Yea it is not bad and what ever you do do not get the DFR duals like me as they are very loud but make good HP.
  11. It will not take away power and give you a little more mid and top end.
  12. I have been told that a few of the trucking companies are going to strike to get the costs of fuel down but then it will raise the cost of food since I have been told the strike would be all shipping companies joining in from ships to trains to trucks. Like Pete said it will screw things up but someone needs to step up and leave no other option.
  13. I have the DFR duals and they are loud to the extreme so I can agree with you on no duals, I would go with the Ron Woods Racing exhaust as it is fairly quiet and will give you a little more power.
  14. YamaPimp


    I will be out there with some family and a couple of kids that ride age 3 and will look for you. My uncle is already out so I am not sure where he is parked but I will head out with a few more peeps on Saturday morning so look for us and stop in and say Hi or camp with us if you like. I drive a red f-250 with big lift and black wheels and 23' WW with DDR sitcker on back. Have a safe trip and I will look for you up. Kenny
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