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  1. This was found in Arkansas...does anyone remember hearing about them being stolen? http://arkansasmatters.com/fulltext?nxd_id=501962
  2. My dad said the same thing you did, that you have to be realistic with coyotes being around. Tim said he was glad he went instantly, there were still people out, today he may not have been so lucky to find her.
  3. He said he teared up, which I understand, I just kept praying.
  4. You guys ruled! I still have my wands, used them Saturday night too!!! Thanks so much!!

  5. I have been sad since she went missing, he got hurt on a witches eye on comp, took a nap when he looked pregnant later and the bruise grew. Fireworks went off, she had ran. They took him to the BLM or Sheriff yesterday and they said I would put you in an ambulance right now, but go to the hospital. No internal, but he wanted his pup. Wasn't his weekend, but he has something to smile about. Yay!
  6. Ok so he went back twice today, tonight was going to stay behind vendor row and still look...he saw something moving, it was her, and she ran, but he started his truck and she headed towards him. She has a can of food, was wet, probably from the river, but yay yay yay...he is on cloud 9. Thanks to you all...not sure if maybe the found one was a dog missing from the small dunes?
  7. He actually was going out today, so I keep praying for good news. She is 10, and I wished she would have not ran from them when they saw her...just keep hoping and hoping. Thank you!!
  8. They saw her Sunday near the wash, but she wouldn't come to my friends, here is the Craigslist post for more information: http://lasvegas.craigslist.org/laf/2035849431.html Thanks all!!
  9. OMG that is the coolest thing ever!! So happy you found her, I kept hoping to read you did!
  10. Cinders in Flagstaff is awesome...lots of trails and hills.
  11. The weather was great, camp was fun, lots of friends and good times. Sunday was long, I raced in the sand drags, and got a couple trophies...that was cool, it had been years. Didn't have to go fast, but ended up beating someone in the first one. The jeep ran great. I took my 70 to ride back and forth where we were parked and the jeep was...people almost ran me over and some girl just totally cut in front of me when I was trying to cross traffic. Not very nice. Got some laughs though that I was riding on it anyways. Yesterday we sat in the shade just hanging out laughing, then finally packed up to head home. Got home around 7:30 and played trailer ballet with 3 trailers, then BED TIME! I had so much fun though. Lots of laughter and lots of smiles. Good to hang out at other camps and chat it up with people.
  12. Might just have to race again, the jeep is supposed to come out with us and it likes it some sand drags.
  13. Awesome, yeah we were the Rzr and quads that came up the hill when you had the speed gun out...yeah you guys were hauling!!
  14. That is my mexican in the white and black about to race...lol. My friend got about two hundred pics...I will post more tomorrow.
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