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    04' Dodge RAM TCD,4x4
    04' DS650 Baja X
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  1. You will be there with only the best Damn people you ever met!!!!!
  2. Jusdune

    Avitar pic

    Can I get some help on posting an Avitar pic..... says my image is to big, it also says the auto sizing is on... just a little confused? please help... Thanks!
  3. I winch mine in backwards. I purchased a cheap 3000lb winch from harbor frieght. mounted it to a bar, the leangth of the three front tiedowns. clip it to the front three tiedowns, connect it a spare battery i take with me. May sound Getto but it works good for me. plus I can move the whole thing to another trailer in case they need to use it. I thought it would break my tie downs but it seems to work. I have winched the car in about 10 times now without a hitch. I have a WW and I'm thinking of mounting the winch under the stairs. But for now this works great.
  4. This is a must see! I am a big guy and I don't think I could do it!!!! But I will be there to check it out, sounds cool ......
  5. Went down to the place myself to check it out...... Parts were pricey... The shop manager said they do no warranty work. all work is paid by owner.....He said they still make the parts... a matter of fact, they were buliding a trailer on site..... I guess if I need parts.... As I see it, the only time I would need them is for Warrior body parts ..... Everything else you can get somewhere else..........
  6. The car performed awsome. I had no issues, Knock on wood. lets hope turkey day goes just as good. See u guys out there......
  7. I had a great weekend first time out with the new rail. I want to thank Ray and John and the rest of the DesertRat Buggie crew for letting me camp with them. They are a bunch of good people and I can't wait to go on another trip with them. I want to thank DDR and any body else I forgot to include, for putting on a good Poker run that weekend. I only had one problem with the poker run! I didn't win, Oh well maybe next year. Sorry I didn't make the meet and greet at the south pole. The BBQ was on and my belly took over. Go figure! Here are a few
  8. I had the same problem on my DS650. I installed a upgraded rectifier. I was on a night ride in the dunes and my bike just lost all power even killing the motor. It took us about two hours to tow that heavy sucker back. The rectifier was boiling hot also, I didn't burn any wires but it melted my battery pretty good. needless to say that shot my weekend. I Installed the stock rectifier back on the bike and installed an Oddesy Battery. Everything is good now. When you get that upgraded on ur rectifier on your first few rides check that sucker.... But with the up graded stator it should be good. Now u can hook up HID's all over that sucker
  9. Thats funny just went to their website, And in big letters it says parts and service for Warrior and Ragen. The grand opening was September 6th. I might be wrong, but if you need work done on your Warrior I would call and at least ask.....
  10. Go to Warriorlifestylesrvstore.com They just opened up in Perris Ca. They are a Warrior repair facility. They even might do some Warrior warranty work ??????
  11. Looks like I'll be the only one out there the week before Halloween.
  12. OMG! Was this dude A local? :black: Only three words come to mind "Just Say No" Since I live here,I should be used to it by now...... Nice meeting some of you at the TRT Meeting........
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